10 Great Activities To Do With Your Grandchildren

I feel like I am always trying to find something for the grandkids to do. What do you consider some great activities for your grandchildren?  Since I have 20 grandchildren, it is often a challenge to think of great things for them to do. I’m not saying that you always need to think of something, but when they come to grandma’s house, it is nice for them to have something “special” to do.

Of course, having a wooden swing set/ climbing/ monkey bars/ slide/ etc. in the back yard helps. Add the different riding toys and they manage to keep themselves entertained and you don’t always have to think of extra things for them to do. But when they do come asking for something to do here are 10 great activities that anyone could use with their grandchildren.

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10 great activites to do with grandchildren @joyabundant7

Here are 10 great activities to do with your grandchildren

  1. Bubble Blowing – This is always a favorite for the little ones.  I try to keep soap bubbles on hand for that something extra to pull out when you see boredom hitting.
  2. Craft Activity – All ages love this.  I keep a couple of Pinterest Boards to keep some good craft ideas on hand.
  3. Sidewalk Chalking – I know some of my littles never get tired of this.  You can pick up sidewalk chalk just about anywhere
  4. Cooking with Grandma – This might take a little planning, but my littles loved it when I included them and let them do it by themselves.
  5. Gardening with Grandpa – Oh how the littles love to go to the garden with Grandpa.  They enjoy planting and digging and picking and getting dirty!  And Grandpa uses these times to teach them many lessons about life.
  6. Tent making with blankets and sheets – how fun!  We do this many times!  I have a castle tent or we just pull out the blankets and sheets and put them over a card table, chairs, piano bench, anywhere to help make an extra little cubby hole for them to crawl in.
  7. Dress up – the girls love this, but so do the boys when you can add western costumes, or Indian costumes.  Keep a basket of dress up clothes around.  They will get lots of fun out of this.
  8. Musical games – playing the keyboard and doing musical games is one of their favorite things to do.
  9. Decorate the Tree at Christmas – And after the tree is decorated have a special Christmas craft or recipe for them to make.
  10. Wholesome books and videos – These are always great when you need some quieter times, but be picky, don’t let them read or watch anything, but try to keep a library of decent things that teach value to your grandchildren.  Here is a good site with wholesome material for reading.
Do you have some other ideas spinning around in your head?  What special activities do you do with your grandchildren?
Most of all take time with them and teach them about the Lord.   You will never regret it.


Angela Michelle Short

I have four grandchildren, three girls one boy. We save our produce cans. They make great lanterns, just a nail hammer, and your ready to go with a candle. You can make three candles with one taper, just cut it and sharpen. A little twine and it hangs up!


    Thanks for coming by and sharing your project.

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