12 Simple and Clever Ways to Share the Gospel With My Grandkids

Do You Want To Instill The Gospel And God's Word Into The Hearts And Minds Of Your Grandchildren?  It is always fun to use different products to help us as grandparents to do this.  Below are several of my favorite, ones that I have used personally or would like to try in the near future.  Look them over and find something that will work for you.  

Grandparents, do you want to instill the gospel into your grandchildren?  Here are 12 simple and clever ways you can share the gospel with your grandkids

Here Are Some Clever and Simple Ways to Share the Gospel

Take time to look at some of these products listed below.  I've added my opinions regarding some of these products.  They are great ways to share the gospel with the littles.

I have seen one short DVD of 'THEO presents'.  I really really like it and want to order more.

Of course, the Wordless Book is an absolute favorite because you can do so many things with it and even the smallest children can get a good understanding of the gospel. 

I bought a 7 C's bracelet and it is very nice.  It's good quality, would make a great gift and it is a wonderful way to learn so many basics about the Word of God.

My grandkids love to play soccer and are always playing in the spring and fall season. What an amazing way to share the gospel with the evangeball!  Wouldn't that make a super gift for a grandchild?

Another amazing way to instill God's Word into hearts and minds of children is by using music.  That little CD you see listed below is a favorite of many of my grandkids and is a great way for them to actually memorize and meditate on Bible verses.  

I've also added some of my personal products that are freebies when you sign up.  You will find the links to those below as well.  

Don't waste time.  These are a great way to spend your money!  Invest in the lives of the littles while we are still allowed time on earth for we never know when that may come to a halt.  

Colorful Wordless Book Tract - Great for Kids!

Make Your own Wordless Book Bracelet

Great DVDs to teach children God's Word

The 7 C's of History Method

Noah's Ark Gospel Tract

ABC Memory Cross

Soccer ball features the five colors of the Wordless Book

A Great Way to learn Scripture Sing it!  

Bible Verses on Salvation

Make A Gospel Soccer Ball Craft

Jelly Bean Resurrection Craft

The Wordless Book Christmas Tree Gospel Craft for Children with Free Printable

Wordless Book Christmas Craft

More Biblical Encouragement

Knowing the Word of God Ourselves will help us to share it with others and to instill it into the hearts and minds of those we love.  I hope the resources above are helpful to you; Go ahead and sign up below to a free 30 day devotional Ebook along with more Biblical encouragement straight to your inbox.