Do You Do Pinterest?

If you have not found Pinterest yet, then you are missing out.  This has been one of the best places that I have been on the internet.  It is so fun and addicting so I need to be careful.  But I love the fact that it allows me to create bulletin boards for any category I want and then pin any item of interest that I find.  Then I have it saved, with a picture so I can go back to it for future reference.  I have found so many new ideas, recipes, fun stuff, tips, and even new friends.  If you haven’t tried it, you should.  Today I did a frugal little project that was so fast and easy.  I made my own cleaning rags.  I had pinned a tutorial on my frugal board and then just changed it to fit with what I already had in the house.  You can see the original tutorial here in case you like what she does. Below you see what I did:

  • cut up some old dish towels
  • put the towels into the Rubbermaid container
  • Added about a cup of water
  • Added a few squirts of natural soap – happened to be a baby soap that I found on sale somewhere
  • Added two or three tablespoons of vinegar
  • let the rags soak it all up and cleaned away

It was oh so easy – less that five minutes – and cleans, oh so good, works much better than any all purpose cleaner I have ever purchased so try it for yourself and why not hop over to Pinterest and follow me there too.