How to have a Good Day

We all like having good days.  Of course the saying has just become a common saying that you hear often.  But I’d sure rather hear have a good day rather than have a bad day.  Wouldn’t you?  The following is a tract written by a former preacher of mine who is now with the Lord.  It is copied with permission.  It’s a great way to share the gospel.

Have a Good Day!

I used to feel that the phrase “Have a Good Day”  was a saying used by the business world, but I’ve come to like it. All of us would prefer a good day to a bad one.

I remember as a boy singing a song in Sunday School that said “Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before.” Now I’m not sure that’s always true, but any day with Him is better than one without Him.

I wonder if telling someone to “have a good day” will make it so. I kind of doubt it, although a person’s spirit may be lifted by someone saying that. I ran across a verse in the Bible that says in effect: “If you want to love life and have good days, refuse that which is evil and do good” (IPeter3:1O-11). In other words, having a good day comes from doing good.

The world says, “If it feels good, do it” (whether it’s right or not). God says, if you do good, you’ll feel good.’ Obedience comes before blessing.

The problem with doing good is that it doesn’t come naturally.

Most of us would rather feel good than do right.  Years ago I discovered that there is something in every man that make it easier to do wrong than to do right. That “something” is our sin nature which causes us to do wrong even when we know to do right.

From the beginning man chose to disobey God and to “do his own thing.”   That decision causes us to be separated from the God Who created this universe. You can read about it in the Bible–Genesis chapter 3.

Although we have made many advancements in technology, we have not invented a way to be good so we can have good days.   In fact, the Bible tells us that we will be forever separated from God and all that is good, unless we can be saved from our sin nature that prefers wrong to right.

But there is “good news” along with that bad news: The God Who created all things loves us and wants us to have good days and to live some day in His Heavenly home. He provided a way for this to happen.

God came down to earth in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

That is what we celebrate at Christmas.  Because He was God, He did not have a sinful nature. He did good and lived a perfectly good life. Most people, including His friends and family, did not understand or appreciate Him.   Although He lived to help others, He was hated and cursed and eventually beaten and nailed on a cross. Many in His day thought He was just another religious leader who got in trouble with the government.

But the Bible says that on the cross, Jesus was actually paying the death penalty for our sins since He had none of His own.  In fact, He was spiritually separated from His Heavenly Father so that we would not have to go to that place of eternal separation called Hell. In other words, He suffered the Hell that we sinners deserve so we can spend eternity with Him in Heaven.

Three days later, He rose from the grave.   Christ was the first person to permanently conquer death. That’s what we celebrate at Easter.

You can also have this new life that will give you peace in your heart, take away guilt and sin, make you right with God, and give you “good days.” Can it be had so simply? Yes, I am glad that God made it simple so ordinary people like us can have it. This salvation is a gift from God, not something we buy or earn by working for it. If it were not a free gift, some of us would be too poor to buy it, and none of us could do enough good works to earn it.

However, you can do what I and millions of others have done.

  • First, you must want to leave your sinful ways.
  • Then admit that as a sinner you need forgiveness from God and that you need to quit trying to do good things, even religious things, in hope of getting to Heaven.
  • Then simply ask God to give you His gift of eternal life paid for by the Lord Jesus Christ when He died on the Cross and shed His blood for us.

You can pray a simple prayer to God right now: ‘Oh God I confess that I am a sinner, and need your forgiveness for my sins. I need the Lord Jesus in my heart as the One who can give me a new nature and a life worth living. l ask Jesus to come in and save me from sin.

If you prayed that prayer and meant it, you can have assurance that Jesus has entered your life and made you a new creation. You have been born into the family of God. We call this the New Birth. This is your spiritual birth that gives you spiritual life just as your physical birth gave you physical life.

Now that you are a child of God, every day can be a Good Day!

– written by Norman Pyle and used with permission

The statements in this tract are not based on the ideas of the author but on the teachings of the Bible, God’s Word.

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