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One Birthday that will last forever

Do you know that you can have one birthday that will last forever? It seem as though we always have a busy month  with family and friends having birthdays.  Of course, with 17 grandchildren there always seems to be a birthday to celebrate.  It is nice to remember each one of these and celebrate with them.  […]

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10 Things I admire about My Sister

This is a Tribute to my sister, Judy; HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love and appreciate you as my sister and friend.  I am so blessed!   She loved her little sisters and little brother and her big sister.  Basically she loves her siblings. She is the one who remembers all our birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and works hard […]

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50 Reasons Why I Love the Lord

Since this is my 50th year to be saved,  I wrote down 50 reasons why I love the Lord.  I recently had a birthday and it was not a hard task.  But more important is my spiritual birthday.  I am so thankful to be born again. This is my 50th year in the Lord!  To think […]

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