The “Littles” Cook with Grandma

Cookin’ with the “Littles” at Grandma’s House

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Grandma, may we watch the Berenstain Bears?   I hear that quite often when the “littles’ come to Grandma’s house.  I  keep a playlist of the Berenstain Bears so they can choose the one they want to watch.  This is a favorite of the smaller grandchildren.  So when I was offered to review “The Berenstain Bears Country Cookbook”, well, how could I resist?


Wha't cookin' at Grandma's House? Check it out with the Berenstain Bears' Country Cookbook!


We are blessed to have 17 grandchildren,  4 live in Brazil because their family has been called of God to evangelize there, and the other 14 live close by.  They are often at our house, so what better time than to do some cookin’ with Grandma!   Before I even asked them, they saw the book and began looking through it and asking if they could make this or that.

So I decided to let the boys and the girls have separate days to come to Grandma’s house and do some cookin’  The boys were as excited about it as the girls.  They chose to make Mini Pizzas and they did a great job.  I think I have three little chefs in the family.

The girls chose to make Quesadillas and mug brownies for dessert.  They too were very good cooks.

This is a great little cookbook for the “littles” with great pictures and easy directions.  Grandma really liked that!  It was just the right amount of time and “stress” when dealing with the “littles”.  We all had a good time and they even had a better time when they were rewarded with the fruit of their labor.  And of course, what would cooking be for little girls with out a tea party?

My Three Little Chefs 


Mini Pizzas was their choice


Your grandchildren can enjoy making their own mini pizza from the Berenstain Bear Country Cookbook


Getting Prepared


 Building the Pizzas



Finished At Last


The little chefs enjoy the fruit of their labor


And Little “awesome” Sister was also able to get in on the treat.

Grandma gets pretty tired sometimes so two cooking lessons in one day would not work.  The precious little girls had to come a different day and so they did!


Two of My Little Princesses


Let’s look through the book and see if there is something else we want to make.

They really wanted to try everything they looked at, but they did finally decide on quesadillas and corn on the cob.   That sounded like a good choice to me.


Let’s Start with some Quesadillas



Let’s get ready for the tea party!


While the quesadillas are in the oven my two little princesses get ready for the tea party!  One wanted a red table cloth and the other white so we compromised and used one for a runner.


My two princesses


Well, the quesadillas are done so on with the party. 


Now that the Main course is over, can we have dessert now?




I really think they enjoyed making the mug brownies much more than the quesadillas. 


I don’t know if using the microwave counts as being a good cook, but it sure is convenient.  So each princess took turns putting their mug cake into the oven.

It was a little hot for the liking so they both wanted to put them into the frig and let them cool for later.


Mm Mm good, but we are getting full.


Well, cooking with the “Littles” is over for now,  but they are already talking about what they want to make next time.


Let’s see, how about this?



If you need a sweet little cookbook to let your children or grandchildren help you out, then you might want to consider “The Berenstain Bears Country Cookbook“.

Along with 40 kid-friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch, supper and dessert, you will also find a prayer that can be said before meals (we ought to teach our children to be thankful to the Lord for His provision),  some facts about honey, kitchen measurements, and a Scripture Verse to end the book reminding us that everything we do, even eating and drinking, ought to be for the glory of God.

Cooking with the Littles can be a great time to connect with your grandchildren, teaching them about God’s Word as you go,  reminding them who God is and how He loved them and gave Himself for them and it is He who provides all our needs.

So hop on over to HERE and get your copy for that precious “Little” in your life.



Disclosure: I was provided with a gift certificate from Family Christian and a copy of the above book as compensation for this post.  All opinions and ideas are 100% my own.  There is a full disclosure here.


My kids love the Berenstain Bears and helping in the kitches – what a great combo!


    Thanks for coming by. Yes, that little book did turn out to be a good combo. It was a fun time.

Karan Kilpatrick

Hi Ant Ellen!! This is the cutest website ever! Loved all the pics of the “littles”. You are so blessed to have them all. 🙂 I have enjoyed reading the many stories and have been encouraged. Thank you. I look forward to keeping up with you. Love your niece, Karan. Xoxo


    I am so glad we have been able to “connect” again. I am glad you have enjoyed the site. It is actually a work in progress as I have run a blog for quite some time, but have just recently changed over to WordPress and started promoting it a little more. My main goal is to encourage others through God’s Word and to give the gospel message. Love you too.

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