Whip-poor-will Song ( I Give You Freedom)

Whip-poor-will Song (I Give You Freedom)

Whip-poor-will Song – also known as I Give You Freedom

Whip-poor-will Song written by Al Smith, (check our some of his other music HERE) reminds us of the freedom God has given to each man.  Although He made us and bought us with a price, He never forces His will on us.   He loved us so much that he did not make us into robots.  He wanted us to choose to love Him and gave us the opportunity to make that choice.
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Aren’t you simply amazed that Almighty God, who created the universe, who created man, who created each and every little creature including the Whip-poor-will and his song, loves us so much that He allows us the freedom as to whether or not we want to choose Him.   True freedom comes, though, when we surrender to Christ and allow Him to direct our lives.
Whip-poor-will Song ( I Give You Freedom)

I Give You Freedom (The Whip-poor-will Song)

I set the bound’ries of the ocean vast,
Carved out the mountains from the distant past,
Moulded a man from the miry clay,
Breathed in him life, but he went astray.

I own the cattle on a thousand hills,
I write the music for the whippoorwills,
Control the planets with their rocks and rills,
But give you freedom to use your own will. 
And if you want Me to, I’ll make you whole,
I’ll only do it tho’ if you say so.
I’ll never force you, for I love you so,
I give you freedom – Is it “yes” or “no”?

I hold the waters in My mighty hand
Spread out the heavens with a single span,
Make all creation tremble at My voice,
But My own children come to Me by choice.

Even the oxen knows the master’s stall,
And sheep will recognize the shepherd’s call
I could demand your love – I own you twice,
But only willing love is worth the price!

My holy word now I give to you,
As a shining lamp to guide you through,
My yoke is easy and My burden is light,
Keep looking up, your Heavenly home’s in sight.

Here are some YouTube links if you would like to hear the  song:

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A Great Gift That We Each Possess

Freedom to choose
Yes, God has given us a will and the freedom to choose!  We have this great gift, the gift of will that we are privileged to use every day.   I am awed by the fact that God made the world and all that is therein, inlcuding you and me, yet He loves us so much that He will not force us to do His will.  Instead He gives us the gift of choosing which ultimately shows where our heart is.  Do I desire to choose God’s will or to live my own way?  Have you chosen the gift of eternal life?
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