TO DO: What’s on your Daily List?

When a new year comes we are often thinking about reorganizing and what our new to do lists (aff. link) are going to look like, etc.  

I wonder what life would be like if we actually made a Spiritual to do list every day. Maybe it really isn’t a bad idea. It sure would put a lot of reminders into our hearts and minds.

In 1Chronicles 16, there are at least 25 things that ought to be on my to do list:

Do You Have A TO DO List?  Of What Does It Consist?

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Do you have a daily Spiritual To Do List?


  1. Give Thanks unto the Lord.
  2. Call upon His name.
  3. Make known His deeds among the people.
  4. Sing unto Him.
  5. Talk about all his wondrous works.
  6. Glory in His name.
  7. Rejoice as ye seek the Lord.
  8. See Him and His strength.
  9. Seek His face continually.
  10. Remember His marvelous works and His wonders and his judgments.
  11. Be mindful always of His covenant. (He never breaks His promises!)
  12. Sing unto the Lord.
  13. Sing Psalms unto Him.
  14. Show His salvation daily.  (My faith should produce good works so that others see it and glorify the Lord)
  15. Declare His glory to the unsaved.
  16. Declare His marvelous works to all nations.
  17. Fear Him above all!
  18. Give unto Him(I don’t have much to give, but I can give him my time, talents, treasures)
  19. Give the Lord glory and strength.
  20. Bring Him an offering.
  21. Worship Him in the beauty of holiness. ( Do I really realize the holiness of the Lord?)
  22. Fear Him – He is the one who holds the earth together!
  23. Say among the nations that the LORD reigneth!
  24. Give Him thanks for His goodness and mercy which endures forever.
  25. Pray for deliverance from the heathen.


Wow! Quite a to do list!  May I be mindful of these things and seek to please the Lord in all that I do.