12 Ways to show your husband you are glad to be

12 Ways to show your husband you are glad to be “stuck” with him

Stuck with him, yes, till death do us part, I am stuck with him, my husband! What a blessing and a privilege!    Do you still have your husband’s heart?   Are you still glad to be “stuck with him”?  If you have a Christ Centered Home, then being stuck with him ought to be a delight.

Valentine’s Day will be here soon.  Here are some ways you can show your husband that you are glad to be  stuck with him as your valentine.

Do you have your husband's heart? Are you glad to be stuck with him?

12 Ways to show your husband you are glad to be “stuck” with him

1.Give him a complement.  Have you told him lately what you appreciate about him?  Don’t just tell him in private, but say it in front of friends and family.

2.Let him know when he does something right or something well Have you thanked him lately for even that little thing he did?  Throw your arms around him and let him know you really appreciate it.

3.When he makes a mistake, don’t make him feel like the worst failure in the world.  How about sympathizing with him instead, realizing that you too make many mistakes.

4.Reverence, respect, admire him.  Does he know that you adore only him?  Have you told him so?  How about leaving him a note or sending him a text to remind him that you thing he is the best.  Be specific in what you write.

5.You really can meet him at the door when he comes home.  You can leave that project or bit of housework you may be doing for a few moments.  Does he know that he is special and you are waiting for him to come home?

6.Give him a few minutes to unwind when he gets in the door.  You don’t have to unload your whole day on him in the next five minutes.  My hubby is a very hard worker and he often needs to sit down and rest or even nap for a while.  He may need that few minutes just to relax.

7.Give him a chance to talk too.  And while he does, give him your undivided attention.  Are you really listening and not just saying hm-hmm; are you listening quietly without comment or criticism?

8.Become a part of his likes.   Does he have a hobby or a sport that he really likes?  Participate or watch him in action.

9.Why not get him or make him a special treat?  You know, like his favorite candy, cake, meal, dessert;  you are letting him know that he is special.

10.How about a good shoulder, back, or foot rub?  Are you willing to give your time for that?  Often this is something he really needs.

11.Pray daily for him.  Ask him if there is something specific you can pray for him every day.  And then do it.  Share with him that you are praying and let him know when specific requests are answered.

12.Respond to his touch.  Let him know that he is your one and only.  We are never too old to melt in the arms of our husbands.

We can love like we ought in our marriages when Christ is the center of our homes.  He Loves you with an everlasting love.

Jeremiah 31:3  The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.

Can you add some ways?  Let me know in the comments if there is a good way to be stuck with him.  I would love to add it to the list.

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