You Can Find Joy In Any Season

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A few years ago my mother-in-law was in an accident.  She accidentally forgot to put her car in park when[...]
Today I found myself quite frustrated as I tried to clean around all hubby's stuff.  You see, he is in[...]
The Autumn season is upon us.  What are your plans for fall/Thanksgiving?  It's a wonderful time to spend together as[...]
Do you have daily prayer routine?  My daily prayer routine is always something I can improve on.  Andrew Murray said[...]
How do you connect with your children, your grandchildren? I'm sure there are all kinds of ways. Here is one[...]
I found 6 great lessons from I Samuel 12 to continue to teach and instill into the hearts of my grandchildren.  It[...]
Many Christians seem to forget or just don't want to admit or think about the holiness of God.  Their famous[...]
Meditating on and Memorizing Scripture Are you meditating on and memorizing Scripture on a regular basis?   I came across[...]
True faith can never come from the wisdom of men.  It can only stand on the Word of God; God's[...]
By The Grace of God Do you sometimes wonder how you will ever make it through a difficult circumstance?  Maybe[...]
Here is a good acrostic on what it means to be a Saint.  So if you are not sure if[...]
Christmas is never over for God's children!  I love to read Christmas events from the Word of God in the[...]
Can burdens be a gift from God?  Maybe so.  They teach us to obey by casting those burdens on the[...]
If you've read this post, you will see St. Patrick really had a different name, but that really doesn't matter.[...]
God's Will for your Life - What is it?  God's will is all throughout the Bible for the believer.  If[...]
  Psalms 144:15 . . . yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD. This verse came to mind[...]
How easy it is to take our daily blessings for granted!  God is so good to me and all of[...]
It is hard to imagine trying to survive. At least for me it is because I've never been there.  Well[...]
I'm really not a fan of writing on this subject, but lately the sin of drunkenness has come up in[...]
Since this is Independence month in the USA, the Lord led me to do a little word study on freedom. [...]
Vengeance belongs to the Lord only.  How often we want to take matters in our own hands.  We become angry[...]
The winter months always seem to be "sick seasons"; lots of colds, flu, and respiratory illnesses seem to be every[...]
What do I want to leave my children and grandchildren when I leave this present world? It would be nice[...]
What do you consider one of the best gifts ever?  The following list represents a list of  things one would[...]
Jesus is for all, yes for all!  That includes anybody.  Oh, there are many many people who think Jesus is[...]
Have your eyes been opened as to who God is?  How much time have you really spent in getting to[...]
Gifts Through Trials Does God give us gifts through trials?   If every perfect gift is from above, then how could[...]
The word for Five MInute Friday is CHALLENGE.  I've joined in with them this week. START It is certainly a[...]
What is a Sabbatical? It is a rest from work, or a break, often lasting from two months to a[...]
Do you have a joyful life?  Or do you often live a life of defeat, of fruitlessness and frustration?  Do[...]
Recently, I wrote about lessons on the Rock of Horeb.  The war with the Amalekites is in the same chapter[...]
The world is largely uninterested in Christ.  Don't you agree that this is a true statement?  Yet, that should not[...]
Jesus came to give abundant life! This gift is for all who believe.   "That whosoever believeth in him should[...]
How important to pray about everything! The little testimony below reveals to us that we ought to pray about everything[...]
  If you think inner city ministry is for you then I hope you will read the following letter: Dear[...]
Proverbs is a favorite book and one that you could read every day.  In fact, since there are 31 chapters,[...]
Do you have a life verse?  There are so many verses I could choose as a life verse, but the[...]
Encountering Jesus as a baby or child face to face would have definitely been a unique and glorious experience.  I[...]
Jesus said Let the little children to come unto me. Don’t stop them. For of such is the kingdom of[...]
Do you desire to live a joyful abundant life?  Anyone can do so when they know Jesus?  Do you know[...]
Friday's Prayer Prompts Friday, the weekend is finally here!  What a wonderful way to start each weekend by bringing our[...]
Do you ever wonder how you can lead your family and direct them in the Lord? Deuteronmy 6 offers some[...]
It's that time of year again!   SPRING!   I love spring; everything starts to turn green,  the daffodils start peeking out, [...]
Below is a list of lessons on wisdom that one could learn from Proverbs, chapter 3.  While making this list,[...]
I like to use the site Moments with the Book.   It is a great site for ordering tracts and for[...]
My husband and I have been privileged to work with my son in an inner city ministry.  When interviewing my[...]
The Holy Spirit is a wonderful gift from God.  As Wesley states, "the Holy Spirit is the best of gifts[...]
Have you seen the Lord today?   Have you really seen the Lord?   Have you looked into His Word[...]
ADORNED has this definition:   Decked; decorated; embellished. ADORN has this definition: to deck, or beautify, to dress, set off, extol, furnish. 1.[...]
Sunrise, Sunset Is this the little girl I carried? Is this the little boy at play? I don't remember growing[...]
Do you like to write?  Sometimes I do.  Sometimes I go more on my feelings; I just scribble things down[...]
It Is No Secret -  Revealing Secret Sisters Here is a unique way for revealing secret sisters.  At this point[...]
It's Back to School Time ... Public School, Home School?  Which one?  Only you and the Lord can decide that,[...]
There are things you need to remember every day of your lives. For instance, if you have started back to school,[...]
Can  you out give God?  Do you know anyone that has?  I doubt it.  No one can out give God.[...]
This is quite a story!  I'm not sure I could endure the trials that this man endured. You won't want[...]
There are so many reasons to love the Lord This is my birthday month, but I had a second birthday years[...]
What's your greatest desire?  Money? Fame? Fun? Happiness? Friends?  All of the mentioned and more? What would you put on the[...]
Jelly Beans, Bunnies, Easter Eggs, - what do you think?  For myself, I don’t do much in the way of[...]
Does God always hear my prayers? My prayers - Does God hear always hear me?  I like to think so, but[...]
This is Sanctity of Life Month: Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is held on the closest Sunday to the anniversary[...]
Singing is something several of my grandchildren love to do.  I love to hear the little ones sing Jesus Loves[...]
There is only One Door to Heaven - Jesus is that door; He is the only door to heaven.  There[...]
Do You Want To Instill The Gospel And God's Word Into The Hearts And Minds Of Your Grandchildren?  It is always[...]
Storm Warning Have you every been caught unawares in a storm? Kind of scary huh?  It is always nice when[...]
In God's Word, it says, in everything by prayer . . .  with Thanksgiving.  We even need to consider little[...]
Wisdom was a characteristic of my dad; in fact he was one of the wisest persons I knew.  I looked[...]
It's so simple and it will never change. You can always depend on the Lord. Jesus will always be there[...]
What will you do as a Christian in your daily walk with the Lord?  Read the Psalm below to see[...]
Rest - this is the topic for this week for Five Minute Friday.  This is the first time that I[...]
All life is for God's glory. Instill this into the minds of your grandchildren.   God Himself, the one who[...]
What person doesn't want to be happy? True happiness can only be found in the Lord Jesus.  Here are 15[...]
God is so good.  I must remember that God is good all the time no matter the circumstances.  My son[...]
Can you remember times when you were told, that's a foolish thing to do?  Or why did you do something[...]
Do you have a hurting heart?  It is only normal that all human beings will have a hurting heart at[...]
We all like having good days.  Of course the saying has just become a common saying that you hear often. [...]
As a Grandparent, I am even more aware of how much I need to pray for my children and grandchildren. [...]
You never know how you might be a blessing to someone.  I received an email from someone recently who was[...]
The Greatest Event The greatest event ever will take place soon - how soon, well we don't know, but it could[...]
Heaven or Hell, which would you choose? My husband and I were looking at pictures of the volcano that took[...]
This is a sponsored post with affiliate links. As things seem to worsen in our country and Christians are now[...]
How strong thine arm is, Mighty God, Who would not fear they Name! Jesus, how sweet they graces are! Who[...]
Blessings from the Lord is something that probably everyone would desire?  Don't we all love to be blessed? What a[...]
Days may be dark for you, hard for you?  I don't know what you're facing in the midst of this[...]
The story of the ten lepers would be a great one to use at Thanksgiving time. It's a great story[...]
Prayer Prompts for Wednesday I love having prayer prompts for each day of the week.  It stimulates my mind and[...]
Merry Christmas!  The Best Gift Ever is freely offered to all who will take it!
What Kind of House are you building?     The only way we can build a house is to let[...]
The life of Noah is another exciting and intense story.  It is amazing that he could preach for 120 years[...]
Do this, don't do this!  Unfortunately, there are many even in Christianity who tell us we must do and don't[...]
The World seeks pleasures, fun, and entertainment continually.  As Christians, we too (or at least I) struggle with this.  One[...]
Since this is my 50th year to be saved,  I wrote down 50 reasons why I love the Lord.  I[...]
What If?  Oh how I want to shout out these truths to my grandchildren.  What if you do these following[...]
Last night I had a dream.  We had started a fire to burn some brush.  I really don’t remember all[...]
Trust and Obey is a life long learning experience for all of us!  Why is it so hard to do[...]
Have you had manna from God today?  When God sent the Israelites food in the wilderness, they said "What is[...]
Psalms 40:1 I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry. Can I wait[...]
The enemy seeks our souls every day! We are often so busy and unaware that the enemy is continually surrounding[...]
Evidence has been and still is being found for God's Word and many of the happenings in it.  And for[...]
My God is my helper, keeper, and protector. The Lord is so many things to me!  His blessings cannot be[...]
I look around my office today and see so much messiness as I continue to declutter,  Boy is it taking[...]
Where are your eyes fastened today? And for what reason are they fastened there? When Jesus was in the synagogue[...]
What is true prosperity?  Do you consider yourself a prosperous Christian?  God says that Joseph was prosperous even in bondage,[...]
Crunching leaves, brilliant colors, and crisp breezes are all signs that fall has begun. Many people look forward to this[...]
Whom do you consider to be the greatest man in History?   The greatest person who ever lived is described[...]
Do you pray regularly for children and grandchildren? How important that we as parents pray daily for them!  My prayer[...]
What are you asking from the Lord today? Have you thought of asking Him a hard thing? Remember nothing is[...]
All of us are on a path.  Some are on the path of life and some are on the path[...]
Do or Done?  What is the answer when it comes to eternal life?  Is there something we need to do or[...]
"Sola" is a fast paced condensed explanation of the five solas of the Reformation.  It provides sufficient historical background to[...]
Are you on the path of the just?  There are only two paths in this world, one that is broad[...]
Parents, how do your children grow?  Are you praying for them to grow physically and spiritually?  Here are some important[...]
I love how God surprises us sometimes in our prayers.  I love how His ways are not our ways. Isaiah[...]
I was thinking about  friend of mine who recently died with cancer. Was her death beautiful in God's eyes?  I[...]
My son recently found a snake in his front room closet; it was a black snack gratefully.  However, he probably[...]
Dear Friend, if you don't know how to be saved, now is the time to find out.  It is a[...]
I was awake the other night during sleeping hours (not something unusual) so I began talking to the Lord.  (AFF[...]
  Right now I'd like some comfort, that is I would love to lie down and go to sleep.  However,[...]
Hearing personal testimonies of how others got saved is always a delight to me!  Don't you just love to hear[...]
When there are troublesome times,  do you worry and fret?  We are certainly living in troublesome times now and if[...]
Psalms 103:11  For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is his mercy toward them that fear[...]
What have you said thank you for today?  We ought to be thankful every day to the Lord.  Because this[...]
God's mercies are new every morning.  We can always begin afresh. Do you need a new beginning?  It is never[...]
God's Mercy is Great! And in Psalm 136, we are reminded in every single verse how great His mercy is;[...]
Webster's Dictionary defines DILIGENT as - Steady in application to business; constant in effort or exertion to accomplish what is[...]
Below is a true story of a man that was changed by the grace of God. I am glad to[...]
Simple Child-Like Faith (note: affiliate links associated with this post) As a parent, more than anything I wanted my children[...]
When I first saw the word "team" for Five Minute Friday, nothing, I mean nothing came to mind.  But I[...]
Protect is the word chosen for this week's Five Minute Friday.  This is the second week I have joined in[...]
Do you know someone in bonds? Do you have a loved one or a friend living out a sentence in Prison?[...]
I love the story of Jonah, but I pray that I'm not like him.  There are So many lessons we[...]
Do you find yourself unsatisfied with life? Do you want a life that is satisfying, one that brings true satisfaction? [...]
Are you facing a difficult year this Christmas season?  Perhaps, you have recently lost a loved one or you are[...]
Well it happened again.   Just as this memory verse challenge went up, I was already thinking and meditating on[...]
Isn’t it wonderful to be able to find treasures from God’s word no matter what day or time you look[...]
Purpose in life is most likely something that every human being desires.  The devil is good at telling lies and[...]
Are you the preacher?    Won't you come down and get my mother in, a little girl once asked a[...]
Do we really realize that day is dying in the west?  Life is short and we could go at any[...]
These were notes I took from a guest speaker one Sunday morning.  What kind of attitude do we have in[...]
It's November!  It's time to praise the Lord and give Him thanks! Come magnify the Lord with me! Yes, that's[...]
Each day brings God's New Mercies. How Gracious He is! Lamentations 3:22-23  It is of the LORD'S mercies that we[...]
This is a sponsored post with affiliate links. Have you heard of the movie "The Drop Box"?       [...]
Have you read the book of Haggai?  Read the first chapter and find the word consider.  It's there three times! [...]
Do you have a special needs child?   Don't Lose Hope! The author of the following book had a special needs[...]
A friend of mine recently shared some blessings that he experienced.  Here is what he says: On two different occasions[...]
Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  I never did, but upon hearing a sermon by my pastor many years ago,[...]
As a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 19 (20 next week, Lord willing) I am always interested in[...]
Satisfied with life is something that probably everyone craves. People want satisfaction.  At least I know I do.  There have[...]
Now that our nest is empty, I often think I need to do so many "things" to be serving the[...]
What do you think of when you think of the word Hidden?  Have you hidden the Word of God in[...]
Starting your Day/Week Correctly Are you starting your day/week correctly?  Here is a good way to start every single day. [...]
Well, Sunday of all days, ought to be a day when we bring out petitions before the Lord.  But often[...]
As a Christian there are lots of things we ought to be. Read God's Word Daily and there is always something[...]
When a new year comes we are often thinking about reorganizing and what our new to do lists (aff. link)[...]
You can talk to God at any time once you come to know the Lord!  Tell you grandchildren how awesome[...]
You definitely cannot do this!  You are just not good enough at it.  You totally just don't get it.  You'll[...]
How to be saved from God's Wrath
ARE YOU READY?  Ready for what you say?  There are many things we should be ready or prepared for.  [...]
Three Crosses?  You may have heard about Jesus dying on the center cross, but have you ever wondered why there[...]
Are you a little uptight?  Maybe a little antsy?  Wondering when things will all be back to normal and life[...]
This is a Thanksgiving Story, not true, but true to life.  It is actually a Thanksgiving Story made into a[...]
Parents and Grandparents, are you making it a point to instill the gospel into the hearts, souls, and minds of[...]
I have been privileged to listen and sit under the influence of Dr. Don Scovill, a man who loves God[...]
A friend of mine, Mrs. B. Upton, wrote a devotional for a bridal shower and has given me permission to[...]
The story of Blind Bartamaeus teaches us how to be saved. This is yet another precious picture of how to get saved.  Yes,[...]
God's love is so great that we cannot comprehend it!  God is love and we love Him because He first[...]
Do you remember a Christmas that was extra special, one that had extra meaning?  I remember one such Christmas. It[...]
It matters not how young or old we are, there are times (many times for myself) that we become impatient[...]
I love treats don't you?  And sometimes tricks are fun too as long as they are the right kind of[...]
Dear Friend, Are You Ready For Eternity? (Aff Link)   Death is a sure thing for all of us?  Have[...]
In Him was life and the life was the light of men. John 1:4 Joining with Five Minute Friday Link[...]
Obviously,  this post is a little on the sarcastic side to start with, but it is mostly a reminder to[...]
I really like my phone and love all the different apps I can put on it. I've always got a[...]
What would I do if my faith was in a crisis?  I mean a real crisis!  What if I was[...]
There are so many lessons from the Life of Jonah.  Here are seven of them. Jonah 1:1-3  Now the word[...]
Illusions are fun because they challenge our sense of reality. We see illusions everywhere, from tricks in magic shows to[...]
Are you set apart for God?  What does that really mean?  Here is the meaning of set apart according to Webster's[...]
Yesterday, was my friend's last day on earth.  She had been fighting a battle with cancer so it was somewhat[...]
How's Your Prayer Life?   Are You entering into your prayer closet daily?  Why is it that prayer often seems[...]
God loves me!  And God loves you!  Everyone has a desire to be loved, but there are many many in[...]
Give thanks in everything (1Th 5:18) is a great truth to be teaching our grandchildren during the month of November.[...]
Kids love videos and so do adults for that matter.  What a great way to share the gospel with them. [...]
A family member of mine who recently returned home from Afghanistan told me of how God spoke to his heart[...]
Serve the Lord!  No matter how young or how old you are, spend your days in service for the Lord.[...]
Have you ever thought you might be interested in working with inner city youth?  Below is an interview with a[...]
Last Thursday was the day for our three Brazilian students and friends who are attending Ambassador Baptist College to fly[...]
Christian, Are you living by Jesus' Example for it is the best way to live your Christian Life?  One could[...]
Did you read the story of the Candy Cane?  Well, here is a Christmas activity you can do with that[...]
What Food Do You Enjoy Most?     Click to Join the Community for Biblical Encouragement
Psalms 96:8 Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name. . . To whom do you give glory?[...]
Isn't fall a wonderful time to start a new Bible Study, pick up a new devotional book  or just to [...]
Psalms 28:7  The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore[...]
Here is a challenge which I needed for my own life - that is the challenge of what truths (Here's One!)[...]
This grandma was privileged to go on an outing with a couple of her grand littles this past week.  It[...]
It is up to each on of us to obey the orders of the Lord. Obedience will bring blessing. Obey[...]
Effectual Prayer Avails Much This is a sponsored post with affiliate links Effectual prayer: what is effectual prayer?  Does it[...]
Meditating on God's Word is something every child of God ought to do and yet I know I don't do[...]
11 Things to do before you click that mouse. How do you start your day?  Is the first thing on[...]
Is Your Heart Thankful?  How about the hearts of your children and grandchildren?  Have you or are you teaching them[...]
Here are just 5 reasons why Jesus came.  Do you ever think about why Jesus came to earth?  Take a[...]
Psalm 23, although very familiar to many, is a great passage to meditate and reflect upon.  These are some thoughts[...]
The Greater Inheritance is a great biography where you can look a little into the life of the Amish people?[...]
He is able! God is able! Yes, He is able – I am not able, but He is! What a[...]
Jesus IS coming again!  Don't ever let anyone tell you different!  No man knows the day nor the hour, but it[...]
When you think about building your house for God, What kind of a house are you building? Hezekiah was told[...]
 How many days do you have left on earth?  None of us can answer that question, but we all know[...]
Whip-poor-will Song - also known as I Give You Freedom Whip-poor-will Song written by Al Smith, (check our some of his[...]
For What Did Jabez Pray? What was his effectual prayer? God's Blessing God's Enlargement of his coast God;s leading -[...]
Lately I've been doing some decluttering around the house. But I have also felt like my Spiritual house needs decluttering too.[...]
According to Psalm 148, all the earth should praise the Lord.  Everyone and everything from the heavens  and from the[...]
Chapter 4 of Jonah brings us even more lessons from his life.  Have you learned any new ones?  Jonah sulks[...]
How exciting it was as I studied a Sunday School Lesson for children on the Rock of Horeb. (Exodus 17)[...]
Tell me the stories of Jesus, write on my heart every word, tell me the stories most precious,  sweetest that[...]
Do you know a fellow believer that has  been in prison, but has found restoration? Restoration is a good biblical[...]
Who doesn't love to get mail?  Well, mail that is personal anyway and has good news and is encouraging.  I[...]
Jeremiah 31:3 The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love:[...]
Have I thought to ask a  hard thing of the Lord today?  Do I really believe that He can answer a request that[...]
Do you or someone you know have a chronic illness.  Recently, I picked up a book on Amazon by Kimberly[...]
With whom do you spend the most time? Last weekend, my son's family was out of town.  He came over[...]
Create is the topic this week for Five Minute Friday.  What comes into your mind when you think of the word[...]
 "The Prayer That Makes A Difference"   This is an excellent book and will encourage you in your prayer life.[...]
What is your Favorite Gift?   Everybody loves to receive gifts, especially if it is something you really want or[...]
As I read God's Word each day, I keep an open journal in front of me.  I started this several[...]
Ah, relief! This is how I often feel after a busy week of running here and there and it has[...]
The Little Red Spinning Wheel There it was, the Little Red Spinning Wheel!  It was just what any little girl[...]
We need to realize that we are in the The Weaver's Hands.  He alone knows the outcome of our life's[...]
I'm so glad that God is my deliverer.  David too realized that God was His deliverer.David had many enemies, but[...]
Are you ready to meet the Lord? Revelation 1:5-8  And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the[...]
The Magic Potion? Can water be the magic potion in losing weight? (aff)  Some people seem to think so. I[...]
Smell goods!  Mm-mm,  aren't they nice?  It's always nice to smell something good!  Coffee in the morning,  a sweet smelling[...]
Thanksgiving again!  My how the years come and go so quickly.  I know I say that often, but it still[...]
The Miracle and Celebration of Life - Five Miracles of Life There are many miracles in the Bible, but this[...]
Only Jesus can truly satisfy your soul.   Psalms 107:8-9  Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and[...]
The following true story took place a few years ago.  It's a story that surely tells what great things the[...]
Sometimes I have to ask myself the question, who do you worship?  I love Christmas and I really want my[...]
This fact just struck me this morning while I was reading in Psalm 105. It was God who sent Joseph[...]
Yeah, it's back to school time. Many have already gone back to school.  We always started back to school after[...]
Do you know that you can have one birthday that will last forever? It seem as though we always have a[...]
Where are you going to be in the morning or in the next five minutes? None of us know the[...]
Speak Lord for they servant heareth.  These were the words Eli told Samuel to say the next time he heard[...]
I can rest in the fact that the gospel is right from the beginning!  Yes, that's right, it is in [...]
I looked on my right hand, and beheld, but there was no man that would know me: refuge failed me; no man cared[...]
Every day we have to make choice.  What might some of your choices be today? We make simple choices daily:[...]
The sole authority for anyone's life ought to be the Bible and this is something I need to instill into[...]
Am I really seeking God with my whole heart? I've been meditating on Psalm 119:10-11.    These are already familiar verses[...]
Yes, lift up your heads!  It could be today!  Jesus is coming soon.  One day Jesus will come again in the[...]
What lessons do you learn from God's Word?  God's Word is the mirror of truth.  If one looks into it[...]
GOD'S WAYS - WHAT ARE HIS WAYS FOR ME?  God's Ways, I really want to know what His ways are[...]
Whom do you say Jesus Is?   In order to be saved you must confess that Jesus is the Christ,[...]
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him[...]
Prayer Time for Tuesday Spending time with prayer each day is something I told the Lord I would do.  Sometimes,[...]
Goodbye - not a hard word when you know you will see someone again at the end of the day[...]
Did you ever realize that we are to wait, run, and walk all at the same time? Isaiah 40:31  But[...]
Where is Your Place? Do you have a quiet place to start your day or where you can retreat to[...]
You cannot get away with sin.  Sin has consequences and always will.  From the beginning of time, when Adam and[...]
Instill this truth into the lives of your grandchildren.  God ALWAYS makes a way of escape when it comes to[...]
OnI've been so disheartened lately as I've heard of so many and even know personally quite a few that have[...]
As my friend and I were taking a walk one day, we heard a train whistle in the distance and[...]
Have you been delivered from the power of darkness?  You can be. We are all under the power of darkness. [...]
It seems this year we are getting many more flies than normal.  I really don't know why;  well we have[...]
While studying the Word of God I learned five significant lessons from the life of Hannah. These were lessons that I[...]
Have you come to the throne of God with your prayer requests today? Prayer is asking and receiving. Ask according[...]
Isn't it nice to know that somebody loves you?  With Valentine's Day coming soon, we think lots about being loved[...]
Mary, the mother of Jesus, is such a godly example to all of us!  There are so many things we can[...]
You forgot to do the praise game?  Now I know you are wondering what this has to do with instilling[...]
Do you want to make choices that will make you successful?  You Can.  We all can.  So how does one[...]
A Child of God ought to have a music philosophy.   It does not have to be complicated, but it[...]
GOD'S PLAN OF SALVATION Do you know God's plan of salvation?  There is only one way. Jesus said in  John 14:6,[...]
As we spend time with the Lord, we will find many ways to grow our faith.  Below are 10 ways[...]
Fret Not God's Word tells us!  Fret not because of evil doers! Don't let the work of those who do[...]
God is the creator; He is the creator of all!   He created all things. God is, was, and always will[...]
Are aware of God's mercy?  Do you realize that if it wasn't for God's mercy every single one of us[...]
So, it's another New Year!  As we look back and reflect upon this past year, many of us are thinking[...]
Yes, I want to go to heaven , don't you?  This was often the conversation of myself and a childhood[...]
Why won't the Lord answer my prayers?   Maybe you have fervently prayed about something, but it seems as if[...]
Grandparents, here is a wonderful way to connect with your grandchilren.  We should make it a point to find creative[...]
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  BE NOT DECEIVED, GOD IS NOT MOCKED! The King of Assyria mocked God and His people (2 Ki 18)[...]
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