Sisters are Tied Together With Heartstrings

10 Things I admire about My Sister

This is a Tribute to my sister, Judy; HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I love and appreciate you as my sister and friend.  I am so blessed!
 Sisters are Tied Together With Heartstrings
  1. She loved her little sisters and little brother and her big sister.  Basically she loves her siblings. She is the one who remembers all our birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and works hard at keeping the family close after the home going of our parents.
  2. She was a godly example that you could look up to.  Even though I was a lot younger than her, I watched her as she lived a godly example before us.  This had a great influence on me in wanting to do right.  Older siblings, remember, those younger ones look up to you.  Are you leading them in the right direction?
  3. She took time for you.  I never remember her pushing me out of the way, but instead she cared about me, she tutored me through algebra (lol) , she  listened to me and prayed with me. She was and still is my mentor.
  4. She cared abut others. She loved and cared about her parents deeply.  She took care of our Mom while she was dying with cancer. Not only does she love her family, but she loves others and cares about their eternal souls. 
  5. She was diligent in her work. She worked hard in whatever she did and still does.
  6. She was and is a leader.  She leads by example.
  7. She loves her children and first of all her husband.  She raised her children to love the Lord and not the world.  She has always stood behind her husband and been his help meet.
  8. She is faithful in her service to the Lord.  She loves the Lord with all her heart and has been a faithful missionary alongside her husband for many years in Papua New Guinea.  She definitely has a servant’s heart.  There is the possibility that I will never see my sister again on this earth, but one thing for sure, I will never have to say goodbye to her in glory.
  9. She is faithful in praying for her family.  She not only upholds her immediate family in prayer, but has been faithful in praying for all her family members over the years.
  10. She has put aside all earthly treasure and is storing up treasures in heaven.  She has never been concerned with earthly goods. She knows there is nothing to be desired that would compare with the treasures of God’s Word.  

Thank you Sis for you wonderful godly example and faithfulness to our Lord and Savior.  Thank you for caring for us and caring for the souls of others.

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