16 Things I learned from the cleansing of the ten lepers

While teaching the story of the ten lepers to my Sunday School Class, the Lord showed me many lessons that I too need to learn from this lesson.  The story of the ten lepers would be a great one to use at Thanksgiving time.

Where are the Nine? Luke 17:11-19

16 lessons on the cleansing of the ten lepers


God’s mercy should cause us to humble ourselves with Thanksgiving and Fall at His feet in praise to Him.

 16 Things I learned from the cleansing of the ten lepers

    1. God’s mercy is for all.  It matters not your status – rich or poor,  sick or well,  men, women, children, people of all races.  It is for all of us!  These were ten lepers living in rejection because of their disease yet God had mercy on them.
    2. Jesus is there when we cry out to Him for his mercy.  Just as the leper had to dry out unclean, unclean, we too cry out O wretched sinner that I am, have mercy on me.  His mercy lifted me out of the ugliness of sin.
    3. Jesus delights in bestowing His mercy upon us.  I too, would more than likely be blessed by showing mercy to others.
    4. There is no delay in His mercy.  As quick as we cry out to Him, he answers.  In this case, his answer required obedience in order for them to receive the blessing.  Obedience to the Lord always brings blessing.
    5. Jesus is not a respector of persons.  He did not heal just the one He knew would be thankful, but he healed all of them.
    6. If Jesus had chosen not to heal, that does not mean He is not merciful.  His mercy may come in ways that are not our ways. It is of His mercy that we are not consumed.
    7. I am often no better than the nine.  There have probably been many times that God has showed His mercy to me and I failed to recognize it and give Him the glory.
    8. It often takes a step of obedience before we see God’s mercy.  The lepers first had to take a step toward showing themselves to the priest before they were healed.
    9. Glorifying God ought to be public and without shame.  That thankful leper glorified God with a loud voice.
    10. Though this one leper was by himself,  he was not ashamed or afraid to publicly with a loud voice praise and glorify God!  Oh how this puts me to shame!
    11. God’s mercy is for the least of the least and for the chiefest of sinners. 
    12. God’s mercy will and should cause us to humble ourselves before Him.
    13. God’s mercy of forgiveness of our sins through salvation should be a wonder that we never get over!  The healing of our sin-sick soul!  What a glorious healing that is!
    14. It is of God’s mercy that we are strangers here on earth and our home is in heaven!   Could you imagine having to live on this earth forever?  So glad we don’t have to. That should cause us to shout praises to God.
    15. My faith in Christ will cause me to fall at His feet in adoration.  He can cleanse me physically but by faith I am cleansed in my soul.  I am now whole!  Praise be to God!
    16. Man’s heart is still wicked today.  Men will be in trouble one way or another and will cry out to God for mercy.  When God shows mercy and they are rescued they seem to forget and never once even thank Him or give Him the glory.

Will I be like the nine and go on my merry way because now things looks so good for me or will I be as the stranger who returned to Jesus after mercy was shown and fell at his feet with thanksgiving and gratitude for what He had done?

16 Lessons to learn from the lesson on the ten lepers

Thank you Lord for your mercy in saving my sin-sick soul and making me a  stranger on this earth.  His ultimate mercy will be shown when He takes me home to glory with Him where I can fall at His feet and praise His name forever more!

Have you received God’s mercy?  Has He saved your sin-sick soul?  Cry out to Him for Mercy today.  He will hear and save and make you whole.


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