17 Ways to Pray for your Children and Grandchildren

Do you pray regularly for children and grandchildren? How important that we as parents pray daily for them!  My prayer is that you, first of all have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that you in turn are sharing the hope of the gospel with your children and praying daily for them.

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Have you prayed for your children today?

Go Here and you can find six ways to pray for them according to Philippians 6:9-11.

Here is a free printable bookmark that you can keep in your Bible as a reminder to pray for them every day.  The bookmark has a list of daily things that you can pray over your children and grandchildren every day.

As I was studying 2 Timothy 2,  I discovered some other things to add to the list when praying for my children and grandchildren.

17 Ways to pray for your children and Grandchildren – Pray they will:

1.  Be strong Christians v1

2.  Teach Others the things they have heard and learned regarding the Truth v2

3.  Be a good soldier as they endure hard things v3

4.  Keep themselves from the world v4

5.  Seek to please God v4

6.  Have understanding from God as they work to serve Him v5-7

7.  Be willing to suffer for the cause of the Gospel v 8-10

8.  Die daily to self and live wholly for the Lord v11

9.  Be willing to suffer for Him v12

10. Never deny Him v13

11. Study and know God’s Word and avoid those who wish to strive over words v14-18

12. Depart from iniquity daily v19

13. Be an honorable vessel, daily cleansed, and ready to be used by the Master v 20-21

14. Flee youthful lusts v22

15. Follow right, faith, love, and peace with others who love God v22

16. Avoid foolish questions which bring about strife and  instead be gentle, apt to teach, patient, and meek  v23-24

17. Have the opportunity to instruct those who are ensnared by the devil in order that they too may repent v25-26

There is a book entitled “Prayers for Your Children” by James Banks.  It is a book of 90 days of heartfelt prayers for children of any age.

90 Days of Heartfelt prayers for children of any age!


As I began reading it I was first of all convicted that I had certainly lagged behind in praying as I ought for my children.  But secondly,  I was very excited as I began reading and saw that the author prayed Scriptures over his children.  This is what I already like to do – I just don’t do it as often as I should.  The book inspired me to pay better attention as I read and study the Scriptures to how and what I can pray for my children.  If you need a good start on doing this,  then  this book will help you to get started.  You could actually read a chapter each day and pray what the author prays for your own children.

We as parents and grand parents have been given the responsibility to nurture our children!

What greater way to do it than through praying the Scriptures,  God’s promises over them!


You can pick up your own copy of this book Here.


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  There is a full disclosure here.


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I do pray regularly throughout the day for these folks but I am working with God on praying more intentionally. I love the idea of praying particular Scripture passages. And sitting down to focus on praying through particular circumstances. This book sounds excellent.


    Yes, I too have to focus on praying more intentionally. I ask the Lord to open my eyes while reading His Word as to what I should pray. Yes, it is a good idea to pray through particular circumstances too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


What a wonderful list. I love praying for my children, especially since I feel the power of my own mother’s prayers has had for me.


    Mothers’ and Grandmothers’ prayers are wonderful! I too, know that the prayers of parents were a great source in keeping me walking with the Lord. How important that we too keep praying for our children. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Laura Hix

1I have just started this book and I am in love with it already. I can’t wait to dive further in


    So glad you are enjoying the book too! I keep it close at hand for a source of encouragement and a reminder to keep praying for all my children and grandchildren. Thanks for coming by.


This post is an all-out resource. Great job! I need to do a better job at consistently praying for my child. These pieces will help. Thank you.


    I too need to do a better job at praying consistently. I’m thankful that the Lord reminds us to not be anxious about anything, but to bring our requests to Him with Thanksgiving. I always need to improve upon this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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