30 Lessons on Wisdom from Proverbs 3

Below is a list of lessons on wisdom that one could learn from Proverbs, chapter 3.  While making this list, I realized once again, how important it is to instill these truths into our children and grand children day after day after day.  This is one way they will get to know God and who He is and how great He is.  It also instills it more and more into my own heart and causes me to think and meditate on the things that I should.

30 Lessons on Wisdom from Proverbs 3

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Blessings from Trusting in God’s Wisdom

1. Don’t forget your parents instruction from God’s Word. V1

2. Obey God’s commandments

-It will add length to days
-Years to life
-And give abundant peace

3. Don’t let God’s mercy and His truth leave you. V3

– Keep it always near your heart (write it on the table of your heart)
-memorize it
meditate on it

-The result will be that you will have favor and will be wise in God and man’s sight v4

4. Trust in the Lord v5

-With all your heart

5. Don’t depend on your own understanding

-Do no finagle or try to fix things on your own

6. In all you do, every action, on every path of life, acknowledge God v6

He will give you direction
-He will show you the right path
-He will lead you

7. Don’t be proud v7

-Never let your “own wisdom” take over
-Fear the Lord
-Depart from evil

-The result will be that your body and soul will be strengthened, healed, refreshed v8

8. Honor the Lord with the first fruits of all you have v9

-Give Him the best of your time, talents, treasures (material and physical blessings)

-The result will be that you will have over and above what you ever thought possible v10
You can never out give God.

9. Don’t be angry or reject God when He disciplines you. Don’t ever get tired of His discipline. V 11

-Remember, God loves you and corrects the ones He loves just as a father correct his son who he loves. V12

10. Wisdom and understanding from God brings true happiness v13

11. Wisdom and understanding from God is better than silver or the finest gold. It is more valuable and rubies or anything your heart might desire. There is nothing that can be compared to it. V14-1

Value of Wisdom

12. Wisdom and Understanding from God give long life and honor v16

13. Wisdom and Understanding from God is a pleasant way of living and a path of peace ( there is no greater contentment or satisfaction than this) v17

14. Wisdom and Understanding from God are a tree of life to all who embrace it. V18

-Holding to this way of life bring true joy

15. God in the great creator, the only creator v19-20

-He in His wisdom founded the earth
-He in His understanding established the heavens
-He made the seas, the clouds, the dew and the rain
-He made ALL!
-Just think, the creator of the universe is glad to give you wisdom and understanding

Benefits of Wisdom

16. Never let sound wisdom depart from your eyes. V21

Keep God’s Word always before you, ask God to open your eyes and show you wondrous things from His Word

17. Wisdom and understanding are life for your soul and grace to your neck. V22

-It is your adornment. It is what make you beautiful inside and out

18. Wisdom and understanding causes you to walk on safely without stumbling v23

19. When you sleep it erases all fear and give you a sweet sleep. V24

20. When danger is near it gives you freedom from fear v25

21. It makes the Lord your confidence and hope. It is He that keeps you from the evil one. V26

Wisdom in Action

22. Don’t withhold good to those who need it when you are able to help v27

23. Don’t send your neighbor away and say “later” v28

-Remember the story of the good Samaritan – Who is your neighbor?

24. Don’t devise evil against your neighbor v29

-Remember he lives near you peacefully

25. Do not strive with someone over nothing when he has done you no harm.v30

26. Do not envy the oppressor – do not choose his ways. V31

27. The froward are an abomination to God, but a righteous man enjoys the secret place of the most high.

28. The wicked is cursed by God, but the home of the righteous is blessed. V33

29. God scorns the scorners, but give grace to the lowly v34

30. The wise inherit glory, but fools get a promotion of shame v35


To Sum this up:

Proverbs 9:9 Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.

Are you wise?  If so you will increase in wisdom through God’s Word

Are you just?  If so you will increase your learning through the Word of God.

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May God almighty bless you for the good work you do in Christ Jesus. I am very grateful to visit your page.

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