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5 Fun Family Vacation Activities Your Kids Will Love

From experience, I know that these are 5 fun family vacation activities that kids enjoy! At least all of my kids enjoyed them and now my grand kids are also enjoying some of the same activities.

5 Fun Family Vacation Activities

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1.  An all time favorite when my kids were little was tent camping. What fun to be outside all the time even while sleeping! My kids loved this. They loved the outdoors and sometimes in the evening we had a great time around the campfire! What kid does not like a campfire? Sitting around as a family and telling stories, throwing sticks into the fire, and of course roasting marshmallows or hot dogs or making s’mores!

2.  If you can find a cabin to rent for a few days, then take a trip to the mountains where there are plenty of hiking trails and cool streams in which to wade or swim. You may even find a spot like the Y in Townsend, TN where you can enjoy tubing or cliff jumping. Or maybe consider Sliding Rock in the Pisgah Forest of NC. Oh what fun my kids had sliding that huge rock down into ice cold water, only to jump out as quickly as possible and start all over again!

3.  Take time to visit an aquarium or to do other amusing activities in a town like Gatlinburg. What fun riding the Aerial Tramway. Or how about Cherokee, NC? A picture with an Indian was always a delight and picking out a souvenir from one of the shops such as a bow and arrow or an Indian headdress was the greatest!

4.  Historical Williamsburg, VA is a great activity for kids.  We enjoyed going here with my son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters during home school week. If you home school, this is the time to go. September when it is not too hot, but still pretty. A great discounted price for homeschoolers and family members and so much to see and do and learn. It will make memories for years to come


From Williamsburg you can go on to Jamestown where America was first settled.

What fun exploring the ships and seeing an Indian village.



A first time ferry ride is always an enjoyable activity for kids.

5.  Have you been to the beach lately? If you can’t stand the heat or your kids need a break during school, then October is a great month to visit the beach, at least in North or South Carolina. So beautiful and the kids love just digging in the sand or wading in the ocean. Four of my grand kids go to the ocean every October with their family. They look forward to it and talk of it constantly. It satisfies easily and best of all you can stay in one place! Or you can visit a light house, an historical fort or Patriots Point home of the USS Yorktown.

 USS Yorktown, Charleston, SC
So have fun and get planning.  And by all means as you vacation together as a family,  make sure you spend time teaching the Word diligently to your children and grandchildren.

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Lisa @ The Wellness Wife

These all sound like great trips! Glad you liked Williamsburg. I’m partial because I live there! I used to work at Historic Jamestowne (the NPS site, not where the ships and village are).


    Thanks for coming by and commenting. How awesome to live there! It has been a while since we were there, but I would surely like to make another trip someday, perhaps with some more grandchildren.

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