5 Steps To Assist You In Parenting

5 Steps to Assist you in Parenting

Steps to assist you in parenting is something we all would love;  In fact we would love it even more if they were simple steps. But to be truthful, parenting is not always simple; however, there are a few steps that we can put into our hearts and minds to help simplify it.  Actually, the steps below were gathered from a friend of mine while she was giving a devotional at a ladies meeting regarding parenting.  Using these steps consistently will help guide us in becoming better parents.

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5 Steps to Assist You in Parenting

5 Steps To Assist You In Parenting

1. ACCOUNTABILITY – Realize your Accountability to God as a parent.  He is the one you are going to answer to in the end so always make sure that you ultimate parenting manual is the Bible, God’s Word.

2. ACTION – We all need an action plan so set guidelines and enforce them – Never allow lying, direct disobedience, or disrespecting authority. Be consistent and don’t put off any consequences of neglecting your guidelines.  Once you clarify the consequence, then by all means carry through.

3. ASSESS – Assess your time and use it wisely – Prioritize and you can always drop something if it is going to come ahead of family.  Housecleaning will always be there so if you need to drop it for now and spend time with the children.  It may be what they need.

4. AT EASE – We all need to be at ease at times;  We need to take time to relax and rewind – This is necessary to keep your sanity.  Do some fun things.  Sometimes you have to let others things go.

5. ALL SURRENDERED – Are you surrendered to the King of Kings?  Make sure, first of all, that you are a child of the King and then make sure you give Him first place in your life.  Put Him first on your daily to-do list by praying, and then asking for guidance and direction in your day and in your dealing with the children.  Really, this should be number one on the list.

Well, I hope these are helpful.  I’m sure there are other helps that one could add and  I can’t say we did everything right when raising our children, but I can say that we believed the Bible, trusting God to direct us.

And here are a couple of great books I would recommend in assisting you as you seek to raise your children for the Lord:  Click on either one to see more detail.  (Affiliate links- disclosure here)

Reset for Parents - great book to assist you in parenting


Raising Godly children in and ungodly world - a great book to assist you in parenting or even grandparenting

Above all, let the Word of God be your final authority.  In doing so you will find out that in the end blessings will far outweigh your parenting battles.

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