5 Sure Ways to Make Your Day Run Smoother

5 sure ways to help your day run smoother

Are you looking for ways to help your day to run smoother?  Are there days you feel overwhelmed and disorganized or frazzled? I find if I make these five tasks a priority that my day runs much smoother.

These 5 tasks not only help my day to run smoother, but they help me to keep my “act together” or “keep my sanity”  if you want to put it that way.

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1. Spend time with the Lord – This should be something that should never be left out. Make sure you “put on” the Lord Jesus for the day. 

    • I find it hard to believe that you will not have a smoother day if the Lord is at the top of your list.  If you know Him as Your Lord, then He is the one who can and will direct one’s steps.  For a simple sign up, I will send you a free 30 day devotional Ebook.  You can sign up HERE.


    • One of my favorite verses and something I pray often is Psalms 25:4 Shew me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths.  Some days this list may not go exactly as planned because the Lord has other plans.   Don’t count these “other plans” as interruptions in your schedule for perhaps the Lord has something very special ahead for you.  Always be yielded to Him. This is the best way for your day and your life to run smoother.

2. Follow a Daily Cleaning list – It doesn’t have to be detailed, just a simple list of chores for that day.  Below is mine and you can use it if you would like.    

3. Know what your supper plan is before lunchtime

    • I didn’t used to do this much until I started cooking for a loved one who is chronically ill.  So this became my new hobby for 2016.  Like I said, sometimes the Lord has different plans for us that what we think.
    • On Monday morning, I try to have a supper meal plan for the week for the most part.  I use YumPrint to sort my recipes and add them to a menu.  It is free to use and works pretty well for me.  And oh what a difference it has made when I know ahead of time what is on the menu.

4. De-clutter something for 10-15 minutes

    • Sure wish I was better at this one.  I don’t always accomplish this mission every day, but it sure makes me feel better when I do.
    • There are different web sites out there who offer challenges in this area and that always makes it more fun.
    • Currently, I am working on my home office trying to do away with a lot of paper files.  We practically live in our office since my hubby runs his own business and I am his faithful bookkeeper and of course I enjoy blogging too. 🙂

5. Get some sort of physical activity for 10-15 minutes

      • I find this very important especially as I get older and find myself more and more sedentary.  If I don’t keep things moving, well then I just don’t feel well. And they say sitting can surely do some major damage.
      • I like to wear a pedometer and count my steps.  This encourages and challenges me to do a little more.  I’ve used the brand below for several years now and it works well.  But I know there are other brands too.

Above all walk daily in the Spirit so you won’t fulfill the lusts of the flesh. That will for sure make a smooth day.

I’m not saying that every single day is smooth sailing, but these things sure help my day to run smoother.  Do you have any other suggestions for what keeps your day run smoother?  I’m always up for new ideas.

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Crystal Twaddell

Simple but easy ways to ensure a smoother day. I have a friend that says, “there’s not much that a shower, a great lotion and exercise can’t fix. I would definitely fill in time with the Lord and having a plan! You should share your intentional message on Fresh Market Friday, where we select a Featured Fresh Find every week. You post is a perfect fit! So glad I stopped by:)


    Yes, the lotion and shower sound great too. What a great way to relax and unwind for an even smoother day. Thanks for coming by.

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