7 Lessons from the life of Mannaseh

7 Lessons from the life of Mannaseh

What lessons do you learn from God’s Word?  God’s Word is the mirror of truth.  If one looks into it honestly each and every day, they will see so many things that need to be worked on to make their walk one that is pleasing to God.

When I look into the mirror each day, I am seldom happy.  I work on making my appearance pleasing to others and to myself.  We ought to do the same with God’s Word only our foremost desire should be to please Him.

As I read about Manasseh, the Lord pointed out several lessons that I need to take to heart. You can read about him in 2 Chronicles 33. 

7 Lessons from the life of Mannaseh

7 Lessons from the Life of Manasseh

1. Use the freedoms God has given me in America to share the gospel.  What a blessing to live in a free country!  Yes, we are still free.  As I see those freedoms dwindling, may I take every opportunity to use it as a means to share the truths of God’s Word with others.

You see, Manasseh, was a very wicked king. He was the son of a righteous king so let’s insert a sub lesson here.  Being born into a Christian family, does not make one Christian.  We are all sinners capable of being just as wicked.  We must all repent and turn to the Lord.   He did more wickedness than all the heathen did that the Lord had destroyed for the sake of Israel.  That’s a lot of wickedness!

As I read this I realized that his wickedness would have been for my whole life!  I’m not sure I could handle that!  I makes me very upset to see some of the things that go on in my country now, but to have had them for a whole life time as a main part of life!  That’s a lot to take in!  Yet, I know there are some in other countries who definitely know what this is like.  So let us use our freedoms while we are still able!

2.  God gives us fresh chances.  Praise the Lord that we don’t have a dictator here in America that has ruled for years and years, but we are given another chance to put someone in leadership who desires to do right.   Praise the Lord for righteous people who continue to fight for our freedoms.  It won’t be long until it’s time  to vote again.  Pray, ask God for wisdom, and then vote asking God for more chances to get America back to Christian principles. 

As an individual, God gives us fresh chances every single day!  If we are a child of His we can go directly to Him, get cleansing for our sin,  and allow Him to make the changes in our life that are necessary for our Christian growth.  His mercies are new every morning!

3.  God is so patient!  He is not willing that anyone should perish.  If it had been up to me then and even now, I would get rid of this evil person quick!  I would destroy him.  Yet God in his mercy and grace “puts up” with Manasseh for years in all of his wickedness.

Wow!  If God can wait on a wicked person this long, then why do I give up so easy?  Why do I think there is no hope for certain people?  There is always hope until the day of death.  I, too, need to be patient!  I need to never give up!  Is there a friend or loved one that I’ve been praying for for a long time?  Don’t quit!  He is every merciful!  Keep bringing that person to Jesus!

4.  Affliction may be what brings someone to the Lord.  Manasseh was now bound by chains in Babylon.  He was in distress?  Have you heard the verses in Proverbs which state that it is good for me to be afflicted so I will learn Gods laws? (Psalm 119:71)

Manasseh, now in distress, seeks the Lord.  It’s too bad that it comes to this, but sometimes it does.  Sometimes, the Lord will bring someone to the lowest point so he/she will turn to him (remember the parable of the prodigal son?)  And right here is a good article if you have a prodigal in your family.

Affliction is not always for unsaved people, but often for believers, sometimes when they are out of fellowship with God and sometimes just to grow us in our faith.

Manasseh humbled himself before God

Manasseh prayed to the Lord!  Unfortunately we usually go to the Lord when we are in trouble. Why don’t I go to Him every day whether I’m in trouble or not?  He longs to be with us and what loving kindness He bestows on us that we can come boldly to the throne of grace at any time.

5.  God hears the prayer of a sinner who realizes their need for Jesus.  That is so exciting!  He will hear the prayer of a sinner when they are ready to humble themselves and repent.  Manasseh did just that!

God heard his entreaty and his requests. 

He was restored Manasseh to his kingdom.

And Manasseh KNEW the Lord was GOD.  As a result he put away the strange gods.  This was evidence of his conversion.  As King, he commanded Judah to serve the Lord God of Israel.

6.  As Christians, our life will change immediately.  Once we come to the Lord and he pulls us out of the miry clay of sin, we become new creatures.  Old things are gone.  The new has come! 

New life in Christ
Abundant and free
What glories shine
What joys are mine
What wondrous blessings I see!
My past with it’s sin
The searching and strife
Forever gone, there’s a bright new dawn
For in Christ I have found new life
Have you?

7. God never changes.  He’s the same today as He was then. He is ever merciful and kind  He is so patient.  He will love us to the end.  He will hear our prayers and He will answer if we’re willing to obey.  He will make a sinner into a new creature!  What a wonderful Savior.  There is no searching of His greatness!

Summary:  Oh how quick I am to judge and be merciless.  Yet, if God can  “put up” with someone like Manasseh for that long, and put up with me too,  then I must never give up.  I must pray, preach the gospel, love, be patient and kind, full of mercy and grace and expect God to do great things.  

Who is in your household, your town, your country who needs God’s mercy and grace?  Pray!  God answers!  Then, just as the acts of Manasseh were written down, record what great things the Lord has done so they can be passed down from generation to generation.

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