A Blessing to Be a Mom and Grandmom

I received some precious gifts from my grandchildren and children for Mother’s Day.  I feel so blessed so have so much love around me.  Lauren gave me a wonderful gift basket with a tea cup, homemade tea bags, some hand made soap, an initialed wash cloth, and some delicious clover honey (my favorite).  Along with this came some sweet notes from her and my grand children.  JD and Kaylah made me some flowers by tracing their hands, coloring them and then adding a stick and leaves.  They put magnets on the back so I could hang them on the frig.  They also filled out some papers (mommy wrote in their answers) telling all about their grandma – quite interesting!  I also received a picture, a journal, and some nice cards from Mel, Jenny, and the kids.  Jeremy, who lives in Brazil, called me to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day.  I can’t say it enough that I am so blessed!
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