A Christmas Activity and a way to give the Gospel

Did you read the story of the Candy Cane?  Well, here is a Christmas activity you can do with that story.   Print the story off in a little booklet or note card form and then attach a candy cane.  When shopping or out and about, tell someone Merry Christmas and hand them one of these.  I have never had anyone turn me down and it usually brings a smile.  Most important,  it is a good way to get the gospel into someone’s hand and maybe even their heart.


Here is a Christmas Activity you can do every year. It is a great way to give the gospel. Print the candy cane gospel tract.
Fill out the form below and receive your own pdf form of a candy cane tract.  Print and fold like a quarter fold card.  Attach a candy cane or even the candy cane bookmark and enjoy giving these away.  And Grandparents, this is a great activity to do with your grandchildren.  
What a wonderful way to teach them how joyful it is to give during the Christmas season and to instill into their hearts the importance of spreading the gospel to all.



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