A short getaway


This was our 35th “first anniversary” on Valentine’s Day.  We had thought about staying somewhere in the mountains, but decided instead to take day trips.  I would much rather use my own facilities anyway, and since we are so close to the mountains and other hiking areas, we opted for this instead.  We had a great time. 

  1. On Sunday, the 13th, we went to Crossroad Baptist Church with our Mel, Jenny, and the 5 K’s!   We enjoyed eating at Wendy’s with them after church!  The church is doing well and the Lord is blessing.  You can see their website here.
  2. We took a drive into South Carolina and hiked to Twin Falls.  It was a beautiful day and this was a short easy hike.  I do so enjoy God’s scenery and am thankful for it.
  3. On Monday, we went to Crowder’s Mountain and hoped to hike one of their very pretty hikes which we have done before.  But my shins were not doing well today so we walked a little ways along the pathway and turned around. Disappointed smile   We will just have to do that another day.  We headed toward Charlotte to go to the IMAX theatre, stopping at Cracker Barrel along the way for our Valentine lunch.  We viewed “The Alps” which is a true story about a mountain climber.  It was good and we did not hear too much stuff about “millions and millions of years ago”.  I really wonder what happens to these people once they fulfill their dreams of climbing mountains or whatever.  No one will every find fulfillment without Christ. 


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