Hello and Welcome to Joyful Abundant Life.

I am so glad you came by today.  My prayer is that only the “right” people will come by here and so I believe that you are one of those people.  You probably clicked on this page because your really wanted to know a little more about this blog.
My main intention for this blog is that the gospel of Jesus Christ be made known to anyone who visits here and to encourage others in their walk with the Lord; to let each and everyone know that we can have a joyful abundant life. So I am sure it was not an accident that you came here today, dear friend, but instead it was a divine appointment by God.  Perhaps you needed to hear the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ or perhaps you needed encouragement from the Word of God.  Will you come along with me in sharing the good news and encouraging others in their walk with the Lord?

 So This Is My Mission:

  1. Spread the good news of a joyful abundant life that is available to all through Jesus, the Son of God who gave His life a ransom for all
  2. Encourage others in their walk with the Lord
  3. Find others who are like minded and who want to connect in order to help spread the gospel, encourage others, and even encourage me by becoming a regular reader.   By signing up, I will gladly send you my free ebook of 30 days of devotions.  

What you will find here:

  1. It is my intention to  incorporate the gospel into every article that I write.  As I already stated, this is my main mission.  After all the “Good News” is so good that I want everyone to know the love of God and how He sent His Son to die for all.  He did not come to condemn, but to save. 
  2. Other articles will be for the intention of encouraging the reader in their walk with the Lord.  Most of my articles are Christian Living articles;  You will find articles under the following categories.
  1. There will, at times,  be article on product reviews, but be assured they will be products that I myself like and/or use and therefore I want to share them with others.  Some of those products you can find here in my Amazon Store or here in the CBD website.  Disclosure Here.
  2. There are ads many places throughout this site.  Why?  As time progresses and we go into retirement years, possibly these ads will help to generate a little bit of extra income.  They are there if you want to check them out, but they are not my primary purpose.  The Lord knows our needs and will supply as He sees fit.  In no way, will clicking through one of my ads change your price on anything if you should choose to purchase something.  You can also read a full disclosure here.  And believe me, I am not getting rich quick; in fact up to this point, I have made no riches at all, but I am rich in Christ!
  3. You may also find a conglomeration of things at times.  The reason for this is that I blogged for several years mainly for a hobby and in several different places.  I have tried to bring a lot of the information into this site and much of it still needs to be tweaked or trashed.  So please disregard any “mess” that you may see.  I am working on taking the messes and organizing them. 

Lockhart Family 2014

Just a Little Bit About Myself:

  1. I have been happily married for 40+ years to an HVAC man who runs his own business.
  2. I am also my husband’s bookkeeper.  We are the only employees. At times business is very busy; other times it is slow, but one thing for sure – God ALWAYS provides!
  3. I have 4 children – 3 boys and 1 girl; they are all married and have children of their own.
  4. I have 19 grandchildren! (#20 is due in November 2017)   All but 4 of them live close by.  Those 4 live in Brazil since they are a missionary family.  
  5. I love my family dearly and I also desire for each of my grandchildren to know the Lord; many of them have already professed.  Praise God!  They are the only treasures that I can take to heaven with me.   I desire for them and all of you to live a joyful and abundant life in Christ.  You can if you know Him as your Lord and Savior.
Once Again, thanks for coming by!   I look forward to your visits more often, and you can get a free 30 day devotional eBook HERE.  

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