Addie’s Birthday Outing

Well, it was another fun day out with Adalyn.  All three of Stephen and Lauren’s children were born in March so we had a quite a month of birthdays.  Last year I started taking my grand daughters out to eat and then to the store to pick something out.  Addie and I had a fun day.  We ate at Hallelujah Acres, went to the Crossroads Thrift Store, and The Mighty Dollar.  She and her sister are very easy to please and know quite quickly what they want.  We also made a stop at Harris Teeter for a Cliff Bar and some lemonade before heading for the park.  I think she was a little bored at the park since she had no siblings or cousins to play with.  She told me it was too hot to play, 

While driving we saw someone with a golf cart loaded on their trailer.  Addie said,  “look at the goat cart”  I don’t know where she got that from.  Either she thinks golf sounded like goat or she saw my friend’s goat actually ride in a golf cart so thought it must be a goat cart.  🙂 

Addie turned 6 this year and she is always so much fun to be around.

Below is a little slideshow of our day together.
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