Another Day Trip

I so enjoyed our little day trip to the mountains again this past weekend.  How I love the Blue Ridge!  We found another waterfall that we had not hiked to before.  It was not a hard hike, but was on one of those paths less travelled although we did meet two groups that were hiking to the same falls.  I guess with internet access it is a lot easier to find these places.  Anyway, we hiked to Rufus Morgan Falls.  It was not the most beautiful falls I had ever seen, but nevertheless, it was an enjoyable hike and a very pleasant day.


From intersection of US 64 and US 441/23 travel west on US 64 for 5.9 miles to the “Wayah Bald” sign and turn right onto Old Murphy Road. Travel on Old Murphy Road for 0.25 miles and turn left onto SR 1310 and drive 6.5 miles to FR 388. Turn left and drive 2.0 miles to parking area.

Rufus Morgan Falls is about a 50 feet high cascade.


We left this location and headed towards Waynesville, entering the Blue Ridge Parkway.  This is always one of my favorite things to do.  We saw some gorgeous scenery that day.  In fact some of the scenery looked just like the background of this blog.  I could have sat there all day taking it in.  It was just the most amazing feeling, kind of like eating your favorite dessert or candy, you know, you put in  a mouthful and just let it sit there a while making sure you get all the flavor and just savoring it, trying to let that taste last as long as possible.  I enjoyed this scenery just as much-I just wanted it to last forever.  It sure makes me think about God and His goodness and His mercy and for all the creation He has given us to enjoy.  There is no way one can honestly deny The Great Creator!  And to think that He loves me!  How Can It Be that God would love a soul like me?  How can it be!



We ended the trip at Looking Glass Falls which is right off of Hwy 276 between the Blue Ridge and Brevard. Usually it is pretty crowded, but since it had been raining hard, there was now only one car in the pull off.  It was still raining lightly so we got out the umbrella and headed down the steps to see the falls.  It was very pretty after the heavy rain.  It really made a nice end to the day. 


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Very pretty! I love seeing waterfalls. What a gorgeous example of God’s majesty 😀

O n T Schrock

Wow! Such great places to visit! I love the pictures – especially those of the foggy layers and layers of mountains! Incredible!

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