Appropriate Attire

I found this little thought on the Biblical Family Ministries Site.  Just something to think about.

Appropriate attire in court

Here is a thought from Deleware Superior Court Judge, William Whitham Jr. He said, “Courts are a place where serious business is conducted, and that demands appropriate attire. We’re not out to treat people as school kids, but we do expect if you come to court, you need to treat it with the appropriate respect and dignity it should deserve due to the occasion.”

Wow! I wonder where the Judge goes to church. Does it amaze you that the world gets it, but too often Christians do not? What happened to respect and dignity in the worship of Almighty God?


What happened to our churches? The god of entertainment has taken over many of them. Biblical truths and respect for God’s house are no longer tolerated. Sad 🙁

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