be not deceived God is not mocked

Be Not Deceived, God is NOT mocked!

Be Not Deceived God Is Not Mocked



  • The King of Assyria mocked God and His people (2 Ki 18) He was proved and said no god had delivered any from the King of Assyria v33
  • Hezekiah prayed – He prayed EARNESTLY! He sought counsel from the prophet, Isaiah (He knew that Isaiah was a man of God – a true prophet) (2 Ki 19)
  • God heard and answered – He did not use any army to defeat Assyria, but the angel of the LORD smote them and the King himself was killed while worshipping his god (2 Ki 19:35-37)

Lessons from these Scripture Verses

  1. God’s ways are not our ways!
  2. He can do the impossible!
  3. We need to pray earnestly!
  4. He does hear and answer.
  5. He will defeat the enemy.
  6. He is our deliverer.
  7. He does not need an army to defeat the enemy – He can do it any way He chooses.
  8. He is not mocked and He will have the last laugh.
  9. He sets up rulers and brings them down.
  10. He uses men of God for our benefit – it is good to seek counsel from them.
  11. We do not need to defend ourselves or seek vengeance in the face of the enemy for God is our avenger and He will defend us.

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