Before and After – Porch

Well, I actually have a before and after project.  I came across this before and after DIY for a porch and it looked like something that would work for us.  Read the tutorial for yourself and you can see how it was done.  We pretty much did it like the tutorial.  I was excited because our back porch was so mud stained and just impossible to make look nice so when my husband agreed on this project, I was even more excited.  I was all geared up to do it myself, but he took over and did it!  Yeah!  I was not real excited about being on my knees so hubby is my hero!  The first two pictures below show how mud stained our porch was.
I scrubbed and scrubbed and managed to get it somewhat clean, but once again hubby came to the rescue and got it much cleaner than I could.  You can see below that it is much cleaner and now he is getting ready to tape it off for the base paint.
This is something we did different from the tutorial.  I thought is would look better with a base color on the bottom because I was afraid too much mud would still show up.  So  once again hubby went off to buy some porch paint.  However, we did not exactly measure right so he had to make an extra trip for more paint.  You will see that the two paints were not exact in color, but once we finished you could not tell.
Below are the paint colors we used.  These happened to be the only colors on the shelf at Lowes so we just went with them.
Here is a picture of the stepping stone mold we used which we purchased from Lowes also.
Now for the finished product.  Well, almost.  He still has to put the sealer on.  But I was happy with the results.  What do you think?