Biblical Shoes

Even though the following game was used under the theme Biblical Shoes, I am placing it under Joyful Heart, for games often give us a lift from the regular routine of life and make our hearts a little more joyful. Use this game with the Biblical Shoe Theme or adapt it to your own theme or just plain have fun with it. 
Shoes are very important to some people; Some people collect many pairs of shoes.   Match each person with the proper statement about shoes.
  1. __Moses (Ex. 3:5)
  2. __Israelites (Deut. 29:5) 
  3. __Boaz (Ruth 4:7) 
  4. __Isaiah(Isa. 20:2) 
  5. __Gibeonites (Josh. 9:1-5) 
  6. __Joab (I Kings 2:5)
  7. __Ezekiel (Ezek. 24:16-23) 
  8. __Amos (Amos 2:6) 
  9. __Disciples (Matt. 10:5-10)
  10. __Father of the prodigal (Luke 15:22)
  11. __John the Baptist (Mark 1:7
a.Commanded servants to put shoes on his son
b.Instructed not to take extra shoes on mission
c.Filled his shoes with blood
d.God told him to remove his shoes
e.Put shoes on and did not weep for the dead
f.Put on old shoes in a plot to deceive Joshua
g.Removed his shoe to seal a bargain
h.Said Israel sold the needy for a pair of shoes
i.Said he was not worthy to unleash Jesus’ shoes
j.Walked without shoes or clothing for three years
k.Wore the same shoes forty years
Answer Key: 1- D,  2- K,  3- G,  4- J,  5- F,  6- C,  7- E,  8- H,  9- B,  10- A,  11- I 


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