7 Ways That Can Help Us DecLuTter Our Hearts

7 Ways That Can Help Us Declutter Our Hearts

Lately I’ve been doing some decluttering around the house. But I have also felt like my Spiritual house needs decluttering too. How about you?   Do you have so much stuff in every closet, in every crook and nanny of your heart and you know that you just need to get rid of it?  Here are […]

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7 Ways To Help A Fellow Believer In Prison

Do you know someone in bonds? Do you have a loved one or a friend living out a sentence in Prison? Perhaps they are even there unjustly. Or maybe, in time past, they were not living right or didn’t know the Lord and therefore got caught in situations that have now caused them to suffer the […]

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Journal As You Read God’s Word

Journal as You Read God's Word

As I read God’s Word each day, I keep an open journal in front of me.  I started this several years ago, but wished I had started very early in life.  Years ago, I heard a very wise lady say, just write at least one verse that spoke to your heart today and so I […]

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Do you know what the Bible Says about the first fall?

The First Fall - do you know what God says about the first fall?

Crunching leaves, brilliant colors, and crisp breezes are all signs that fall has begun. Many people look forward to this time of change, as summer heat gives way to cooler days, and autumn hues overspread the landscape. Fall is also a fun time, with harvest festivals and other special events and celebrations. Affiliate Links in […]

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