How Can I Give the LORD Glory?

Psalms 96:8 Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name. . .

To whom do you give glory?  Glory and Honor belong only to the Lord.  But what are some ways that we can give the Lord the glory and honor that are due Him?

How can I Give the Lord glory?

Psalm 96 inspires us first of all to glorify Him through our singing and declaring his wonders among all people.   We as God’s people ought to be so grateful for all He has done for us that we cannot help but sing of it and tell others.

Give the Lord glory

Give the Lord Glory Psalm 96 Inspiration to Glorify the LORD

Then Psalm 96 gives us several reasons for glorifying Him.  Do I really realize that I am  servant of the King of Kings?  Am I teaching my children and grandchildren to glorify Him and to count it a privilege to give Him glory?

Do you give the Lord glory?

It is our duty and our privilege to glorify the Lord.  Here are some ways that you can give Him the glory due to His name.


Give the Lord Glory Psalm 96 Our Duty to glorify the LORD 2


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