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    I Love Grandma a Whole Bunch

    Teaching music to a couple of my grand children is fun, a privilege, and sometimes a challenge.  The other day, my grandson, Kade,  came to his lesson and brought me a whole bunch of notes.  They all said the same thing – “Thank You for being my teacher.”   His mom said,  why don’t you just give her one note and save another for later.  His reply – But I love Grandma a Whole Bunch!  How precious!  Grand children sure now how to win your heart! 

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    Trials, Tribulations, and Trust!

    This has been a week!  We never know what one day might bring.  Our 13th grandbaby was born on Tuesday! Caleb Lay came into the world weighing 6.9 pounds and 20” long.  Everything checked out fine except  that he was having breathing problems.  He  had to be air lifted to a children’s hospital in Charlotte.  He looked so pitiful hooked up to all those machines, but we are sure thankful for the doctors and the technology these days that can save so many little lives.  He seemed to be doing better in just a short while and then one of his little lungs began collapsing and they had to do…