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Have You Been Delivered From The Power Of Darkness?

Have you been delivered from the power of darkness?  You can be. We are all under the power of darkness.  We are born sinners and therefore we are children of the devil living in his dark domain. Praise the Lord! He Delivered Me. He is the one who delivered me from the power of darkness.  […]

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SOLA – A Book Review On the Five Solas of Scripture

The Five SOLAS of Scripture

“Sola” is a fast paced condensed explanation of the five solas of the Reformation.  It provides sufficient historical background to put the Reformation and it’s Solas into context without putting one to sleep.  It is definitely written from a reformed perspective and assumes that “the Reformers are our theological forebears”  I don’t think these truths […]

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Journal As You Read God’s Word

Journal as You Read God's Word

As I read God’s Word each day, I keep an open journal in front of me.  I started this several years ago, but wished I had started very early in life.  Years ago, I heard a very wise lady say, just write at least one verse that spoke to your heart today and so I […]

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Do you know what the Bible Says about the first fall?

The First Fall - do you know what God says about the first fall?

Crunching leaves, brilliant colors, and crisp breezes are all signs that fall has begun. Many people look forward to this time of change, as summer heat gives way to cooler days, and autumn hues overspread the landscape. Fall is also a fun time, with harvest festivals and other special events and celebrations. Affiliate Links in […]

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Our Effectual Prayer should be Made Known unto God

Our Effectual Prayer should be Made Known unto God.  What is your prayer life like?  Are you continually bringing your requests to the Lord?  Or do you you worry and fret instead of praying?  Or  maybe you call a friend and confide in someone else first.  This one little verse offers 6 ways that we […]

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7 Lessons from the life of Mannaseh

7 Lessons from the life of Mannaseh

What lessons do you learn from God’s Word?  God’s Word is the mirror of truth.  If one looks into it honestly each and every day, they will see so many things that need to be worked on to make their walk one that is pleasing to God. When I look into the mirror each day, […]

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How Many Days Do You Have Left On This Earth?

How many days do you have left on this earth?

 How many days do you have left on earth?  None of us can answer that question, but we all know that we all die.  Some die young, some in between and some on into old age.  But no man knows the day or the hour.  It is only God who knows our appointed time.  Yes, […]

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The Gospel Through Videos

Sharing the Gospel Through Videos

Kids love videos and so do adults for that matter.  What a great way to share the gospel with them.  Make your own or use some that are already available. I’m not one to stick kids in front of a video 24/7 for an automatic babysitter.  There are times however, when you just need a […]

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Can You Imagine Surviving The War Under Hitler?

It is hard to imagine trying to survive. At least for me it is because I’ve never been there.  Well yes, I’ve been in a few accidents that brought me close to death, but when it was all said and done I never had to work at surviving.   But to survive war and war under […]

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14 Day Memory Verse Challenge on the Love of God

Jeremiah 31:3 The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee. The Lord appeared long ago to His people and assured them of His love He reminded them that His love is an everlasting love Because of His love […]

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Six Ways to Lead Your Family Biblically

Do you ever wonder how you can lead your family and direct them in the Lord? Deuteronmy 6 offers some great principles in guiding your family that we can use every day.  If you’ve had trouble doing this before, then this New Year, take time to study the passage and ask the Lord to help […]

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Speak Lord For Your Servant Hears

Speak Lord for Your Servant Hears

Speak Lord for they servant heareth.  These were the words Eli told Samuel to say the next time he heard someone calling him.  Speak is the word chosen for Five Minute Friday this week. 1Sa 3:9  Therefore Eli said unto Samuel, Go, lie down: and it shall be, if he call thee, that thou shalt […]

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Where Is Your Dwelling Place?

Where Is Your Dwelling Place

Where is Your Place? Do you have a quiet place to start your day or where you can retreat to during the day to spend time with the Lord?   Oh how I would be lost without my quiet place.  Immediately this song comes to mind. There is a Quiet Place by Ralph Carmichael, 1967 […]

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7 Ways That Can Help Us DecLuTter Our Hearts

7 Ways That Can Help Us Declutter Our Hearts

Lately I’ve been doing some decluttering around the house. But I have also felt like my Spiritual house needs decluttering too. How about you?   Do you have so much stuff in every closet, in every crook and nanny of your heart and you know that you just need to get rid of it?  Here are […]

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Are You Doing All For The Glory Of God?

Do All To The Glory of God - Is everything you do to the glory of God?

Well it happened again.   Just as this memory verse challenge went up, I was already thinking and meditating on this verse.   The Lord sure has His ways, doesn’t He? 1 Corinthians 10:31 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.    Here’s a good […]

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Lord, will you show yourself real to me?

I was awake the other night during sleeping hours (not something unusual) so I began talking to the Lord.  (AFF LINK) That’s a good thing to do.  God’s Word says: Psalms 4:4…commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah.  So I think it is quite appropriate to talk to the Lord when […]

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