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Do you know what the Bible Says about the first fall?

The First Fall - do you know what God says about the first fall?

Crunching leaves, brilliant colors, and crisp breezes are all signs that fall has begun. Many people look forward to this time of change, as summer heat gives way to cooler days, and autumn hues overspread the landscape. Fall is also a fun time, with harvest festivals and other special events and celebrations. Affiliate Links in […]

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Here’s how you can have 5 free gifts!

What is the greatest gift ever? Here is how you can have 5 free gifts from the greatest gift ever!

What do you consider one of the best gifts ever?  The following list represents a list of  things one would love to have.  Maybe there is even something on this list that you would consider one of the best gifts ever!  Although, they may be “good things”, it is true that these by themselves will […]

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