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Married to the Right Man – 41 Reasons Why

How do you know if you married the right man? April 2nd is our anniversary date.  I am thankful for 41 years that I have been married to my best friend.  How the years fly by! I remember the days, thinking and wondering if I would even find the right person to marry.  Oh how […]

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The “Littles” Cook with Grandma

Cookin’ with the “Littles” at Grandma’s House This is a sponsored post with affiliate links.   Grandma, may we watch the Berenstain Bears?   I hear that quite often when the “littles’ come to Grandma’s house.  I  keep a playlist of the Berenstain Bears so they can choose the one they want to watch.  This is […]

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10 Things I admire about My Sister

Sisters are Tied Together With Heartstrings

This is a Tribute to my sister, Judy; HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love and appreciate you as my sister and friend.  I am so blessed!   She loved her little sisters and little brother and her big sister.  Basically she loves her siblings. She is the one who remembers all our birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and works hard […]

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