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Consider Your Ways

As I was reading God’s Word this morning I was meditating on this verse: Haggai 1:5  Now therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts; Consider your ways. This is something I need to ponder each day.  Are my ways pleasing to the Lord? Have I committed my ways to Him so that He can direct […]

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Critique of ABC’s 20/20 program – Teen Victim and Forced Confession in Church

Fallacies of Logic: An Analysis of ABC’s “20/20” View of IFB Here is a critique of the ABC “20/20” program indicting Independent Fundamental Baptist churches, written by Dr. Charles Surrett, Academic Dean at Ambassador Baptist College. Dr. Surrett is also a professor and teaches Logic, so he approaches the 20/20 report from an interesting perspective. […]

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Appropriate Attire

I found this little thought on the Biblical Family Ministries Site.  Just something to think about. Appropriate attire in court Here is a thought from Deleware Superior Court Judge, William Whitham Jr. He said, “Courts are a place where serious business is conducted, and that demands appropriate attire. We’re not out to treat people as […]

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