Christian CD Giveaway – Over In Glory – $15 value

 Giveaway is now over.   Winner is Debby C.  Congratulations!  

Recently I posted 9 Characteristics of a Christian’s music.  Basically, these characteristics are my own philosophy of music.  My son-in-law and daughter, David and MaryEllen have recently put out a CD that is based on this philosophy; it is Christ honoring music and is meant to glorify Him.  Now that they have completed their first CD titled “Over in Glory”,  they are trying to sell it in order to break even and to hopefully save a few extra dollars toward the next one.  If you are interested in buying the CD you can go here and listen to some samples and place your order here also.  Right now the CD is on sale, reg. $15, now $12.   But why not enter for a chance to win one/   Use the form below and enter the giveaway for your chance to win this Christ honoring CD.   MaryEllen runs the blog Imperfect Homemaker; She did not ask me to do this giveaway.  It is entirely my own idea. 

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