Christmas Gifts for All Ages – Especially the Grandkids

Excitement is mounting around our house!  Yes, it is that time of year again!  I love Christmas don’t you?  And we are soon approaching one of my favorite days of the year, the day our whole family gets together for the Christmas celebration.  And oh what a gathering it is!  All our children live close which means everyone including all 20 of our grandchildren will be here.  We have an annual Christmas Party with fun, food, and fellowship.

The grandkids really look forward to getting gifts from Grandma and Grandpa and you know what?  Grandpa and Grandma look forward to it too.  It’s a fun time to see them open their gift and see the look of delight on their faces.  Such a precious time and a wonderful day for building memories.  

So are you wondering what gift you can give your children or grandchildren.  You will find some things that Grandpa and I have picked out for our grandchildren and maybe a few other things.  Maybe you will see something that will work for you too.

This post contains affiliate links to products I use and would recommend.  Purchasing through one of my links means I may earn a small commission, but it will not make a difference in your price.   Here’s my full disclosure.

For Babies:

Since newborns don’t really care you can always give diapers –
Moms love this!


Infant toys like this one

For Toddlers:


Dolls – I’ve purchased lots of Melissa and Doug Toys and most of the time I am very happy with them.  

Doll Stroller

Pull Back Cars

Ride on toys – We actually have one similar to this.  We were blessed to find one in a thrift store for a lot less in brand new condition.  My grandkids love it!

Learning Toys

Digital Writing Board – My grandkids love these

Bath Toys – One of my grandsons loves to play in the tub.
So look what he’s getting!


For Older Children – ages 5-12

Scratch and Sketch Art Books – These are pretty cool and my granddaughters have loved them


Kindle case – If your grandchildren already have Kindles, then why not add a case for them or even buy them a good book to add to their collection?

Sequin pillow – These are really cute.  My granddaughter “begged”  for one of these a few months ago.  (thankfully, she doesn’t really beg!  She just let me know how much she liked them)  That really helped when Christmas rolled around.




18 Inch Doll



Vacuum cleaner – My 7 year old grand daughter has been requesting a vacuum cleaner for a long time.  Of course she meant pretend play, but after talking to her mom, we decided real would be better (she likes to help clean) and it’s not any more expensive.

Rockets – These are Sky Ripperz Whistle Screaming Rockets; now what little boy wouldn’t love these?  Or “big boys” too – I know Grandpa can’t wait to help the littles use them.

LED Lanterns or Flashlights – Boys and even girls of all ages love these


Learning Toys

Books – Encourage your Grandchildren to read good Christian books such as missionary stories and biographies.  Let them read about Corrie Ten Boom and Peace Child   And maybe some of these books too.  And here’s a cute one for the littles for their first devotional time.  And you can always grab my free devotional Ebook here. 

And here’s a good book

Money – Sorry, I can’t give you a link to this one.  I don’t know of many older children who don’t love to get their own money gift, do you?  Do you need a money envelope template?   Here ya go.  

Fuzzy Socks – This is one of our traditional gifts.  All the girls get a pair of fuzzy socks every family Christmas

Balls of all sorts – Do you know any boy that doesn’t love balls?  And my granddaughters love them too.  We have lots of basketball and soccer players. 

Toy Guns – such as nerf or soft bullet

Art or Calligraphy Sets – We have a few artists among our grandkids and they are always looking for new art sets.  

Teens and older:


Gift Cards

Car Top Carrier – My son requested this and he is real impressed with it

Yard games

Or Another Family Friendly Game – Even the little ones can play this game

Coffee maker like the Keurig and the coffee to go with it 🙂  And if someone happens to give you a Keurig like they did me and you don’t always want to buy the pods, well you can get filters and add your own coffee to them.


And don’t forget a good Christian book,
or CD (these are good for kids) or even a new Bible


Most of all don’t get caught up in the festivities and all the presents, but rather let’s get caught up in the presence of Jesus Christ and the awe filled thought that He would leave His throne in Heaven to be born in a manger and die for the sins of mankind (my sins!)  And yes, as the songwriter said what a blissful thought that my sin, NOT IN PART, but the whole, is nailed to the cross.  I need not bear it any more!  For with Christ there is forgiveness,  new life, and abundant life in Him!  Praise the Lord, Praise, the Lord oh my soul!  You can have the merriest Christmas of all if you know the Savior.


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