Comfort – There Can Always Be Comfort Even In The Midst Of Being Uncomfortable


Right now I’d like some comfort, that is I would love to lie down and go to sleep.  However, when I try, I can’t get comfortable.  

Why?  Because I’m getting old 🙂 and I have lots of aches and pains. 

I know everyone isn’t the same and if you still live in comfort, then be very thankful.  Myself – lots of leg pain amidst other aches and pains. 

But one day I will be completely comfortable because I will have a new body that is perfect and is never in pain.  How glorious that will be!  And most of all I will leave this uncomfortable earth to be forever with the one who provides comfort on a regular basis – Jesus Himself!  Will you be there? 

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Comfort - There Can Always Be Comfort Even In The Midst Of Being Uncomfortable

But oh how much I have to be thankful for.  Although at this stage of life I am now experiencing lots of pain, 

I have so much to be thankful for.  

  • I live in the comfort of freedoms in the USA – quickly diminishing, but Praise the Lord, we still have them.  May we fervently pray for this country.
  • I live in the comfort of a nice home with all I need
  • I have comfort knowing my husband and all my family loves me and cares about me
  • I have comfort in knowing that I am a sinner saved by grace and that one day I will be with my Lord forever in eternity.

I hope you have as much comfort as I do.  Remember, even in the midst of being uncomfortable,  we can rest assured that Jesus is always there to comfort us. 


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