DELIGHT in the Word – Psalm 119:16

Do you take delight in the Word of God?  Is it your joy, your happiness, the place you look forward to going every single day?  As a child of God this should be our greatest delight!

“I WILL delight myself in THY STATUTES: I WILL not forget THY WORD.”

Delight yourself in the Lord

As I take delight in the Lord and in His word, suddenly, my desires will become what He wants them to be.  The Psalmist said I WILL.  The choice is mine to make it a point every day to find joy and pleasure in the Word of God and what it teaches me.

The psalmist also says I WILL NOT FORGET.  Lord, help my delight to grow in you more and more each day.  As I look into the mirror of Your Word, may I not be a hearer only, then go away forgetting what I’ve learned, but instead help me to be a doer of Your Word, delighting in your commands.  May I be a delight to you as I delight in You.   May I trust in your mercy and grace each day to help me obey your commands and hide Your Word in my heart.


Verse by Verse Daily Bible Reading and Study on Psalm 119

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