Who Is A God Like Our God?

Did You Know?

I like to use the site Moments with the Book.   It is a great site for ordering tracts and for finding other wonderful information.  You may notice that one one of my pages (at the bottom) I have a tract that displays from their site.  Below I found some interesting facts from a back issue of Moments for You.  This is a free booklet, that can be read on line or you can order it by mail.


Did You Know That…?

  • In just one second, the sun releases more energy than mankind has produced since the creation, including all the engines, power plants, and weapons ever constructed.


  • The star Betelgeuse is one million times larger than our sun and gives off 120,000 times as much light energy.


  • No two stars are alike. Each star bears a unique “fingerprint” or spectrum in its light pattern.


  • If the stars could be divided up among the world’s population of six billion, each person on earth would receive 11Ž2 trillion stars!


  • The most familiar star is the North Star, or Polaris. It is not the biggest, or brightest or closest star, but it is the most dependable for navigation as it remains in the same location in the Northern Hemisphere. Polaris is 1600 times brighter than our sun.


  • Astronomers can now see objects 10-12 billion light years away. A light-year is the distance that a light ray travels in one year. At a speed of 186,282 miles per second, light covers roughly six trillion miles a year. This is equivalent to about 12 million round trips to the moon, or the total distance that all motorized vehicles on earth travel during one year.


  • A glowing ember on the moon will have the same apparent brightness on earth as the faintest observable galaxy.


  • The number of stars is calculated to be equal to the number of grains of sand on all the shores of the world.


  • If it cost a penny to travel a thousand miles, a cruise to the moon would be only $2.38. But if you wanted to go to the sun, the one-way ticket would cost $930. And a trip to the next nearest star would be $260 million!

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