Drop Everythig and Let's Play Drop It Review for Kosmos Game

Drop Everything and Let’s Play Drop It!

Drop everything and let’s play Drop It.  Yes, we are having a family game night and are playing a new game that was given to me from Tryazon for my honest review.  The name of the Game is Drop It which is a new board game by Thames and Kosmos. 

The gist of the game:

-Player drops a shape into a vertical game board zone one at a time

-Points are earned for the highest level that the shape reaches when it lands.

-Extra points are earned for touching bonus circles.

HOWEVER you better watch out because there are certain landing rules. 

-Don’t let your shape touch a matching shape or color after it lands or you will score NO points. 🙁

THE WINNER: the player or team with the most points at the end

The Recommended Age is 8+, but we found that even younger ones could join in on the fun.  There can be 2-4 players on a board or 2 teams. 
-It was pretty easy to learn

-The rule book included variants to change up the game play

Below is a little video clip to give you an idea of the game.

We did a couple of test drives for the game before we had the actual party.  Below you can see one of my granddaughters opening the game and then we played a little practice run.  She was not able to be here for the actual game night so I wanted her to be able to see the game too.
Anytime we can get together as a family is a great time.  It matters not what activity we do. I appreciated the fact that this game 
-gave a break from technology allowing interaction with each other
-is able to be played in teams enabling all to work together
-is easy enough for younger children and yet enjoyable for adults too
-is educational and makes you think
Below is a video of our game night

Click on a picture below to see it full sized.

I asked the players what they thought of the game. Here’s what they said:
-It was fun for a once in a while game. 
-Kids would enjoy it more playing by themselves rather than with adults and vice versa.
-It’s not a game I would want to play all the time, like yahoo, let’s play “Drop It!”  Other games are much preferred.
All in all we had a fun family time and that is what’s most important. 
Thank you to Tryazon for the opportunity. 
I appreciate the fact that Thames and Kosmos, the game maker,
  • saw the great need and demand for better science education materials, resources for parents and their children that are more engaging, more effective, more relevant, and more fun.
  • made it’s goal to inspire comprehensive, hands-on learning experiences by introducing a curated selection of German-style board games from world renowned authors and designers.
  • states their mission has since expanded from science, technology, engineering, and math roots to encompass other educational branches as well, including arts and crafts and early childhood learning, and most recently, the multitude of thinking and social skills that can be taught through board games.
  • You can read all about them HERE
  • Want your own Game?  Get it HERE or HERE

The fact that I believe family is so important is one reason I reviewed this game.  My family was able to spend time together and it is my hope that it will encourage other families to make it a point to spend time together.  Time on this earth is short.  Let’s encourage one another and invest in the lives of our families.
Need more encouragment?