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Encourage Yourself and Others in the Lord Your God!

Do you want to be encouraged? I'm pretty sure we all do!  As I write this we are currently facing the COVID-19?  But as Bible believers, should it surprise us that the world is topsy turvy?  The Bible says in the last days there will be perilous times. You can mark it down that we are in the last days!  And the scoffers continue to scoff saying where is God?  Where is He now amidst our wars, and storms, and diseases and sufferings?  


He is earnestly calling and waiting for each and every one of us to come to Him.  Come to Him today as your Savior first of all and then rest in Him who knows all things.  Scoffers or not, Jesus is coming and we need to be ready. You see, they mock and say where is He, but God says that one day with Him is as a thousand years and vice versa. And He's not willing that one person should die in their sins.  He is warning and longing for you to come to Him.   One day it will be too late.


While we're waiting, let's encourage ourselves in the Lord.  Let's encourage one another in the Lord!  You can!  I can!  We all can!  


What if, just what if instead of talking about what sad shape we are in, we spend that time and more in God's Word.  It is His word that encourages, uplifts, and satisfies our souls. This page is dedicated to adding verses and thoughts from God's Word to encourage one another during trying times for our nation, our world, and our personal lives.   I challenge you today to start by writing a verse down every day that you can meditate on and apply the principles to your life. Then pass it along to someone else and encourage them.  Find the same verses on Facebook and Instagram.  Will you join me? 

As the Covid-19 shut down continues, I chose for a week to focus on singing unto the Lord.  Rather than thinking about all the negatives and unknowns, I wanted to give praise to the Savior who knows all things.