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Fabulous Finds

Fabulous Finds Friday

Fabulous Finds for Friday is here.  I’ve not had a lot of opportunity to shop around for some great finds as we have had an eventful week.  Yes, we have found something fabulous right within our own family.  A new little munchkin has joined the family – our #19 grandchild!  Such a beautiful gift of creation God has given us once again and we are so grateful!  There is always something good to find when you are looking at what God has created.

I did find a few things that I would like to share with you this week.  So have a happy week and let me know if you find anything fabulous that you could share with me.  Hopefully you have found new life in Christ

Gifts and More

Christmas will be here soon 🙂 and it is time to start stocking up on some gifts.  Find some great deals at Christian Book Distributors. 

Fab Friday Deals at Christian Book Distributors

Bible Lessons

Bible Visuals is a great place to purchase printed or digital products for your Sunday School Class or Children’s Church.  There’s a pretty good deal going on now until July  21st.  Get an extra 25% off print or digital formats. If your order for printed items is over $50 you can use coupon code 0520 to take an additional 20% off your orders.

Here is another great source for teaching children.


Or just come over to my Bible Lesson and/or Teaching Ideas Pinterest Boards.

And don’t forget Answers in Genesis – they have great resources for teaching.


Vitamins/Supplements/Specialty Foods and Items

Do you shop for vitamins and supplements online?  I do.  The site below is a great place to buy certain things.  Use this link and get $10 off on your order.  You’ll have to open an account to get started.



I’ve read all of these books below.  You won’t be disappointed.

Herbert Grings humbly followed his Savior wherever he was called, and he sought to bring God alone the glory through his life and sacrificial service. Despite shipwreck, the death of his wife, and many other trials in the jungles of the Belgian Congo, Herbert faithfully proclaimed the gospel of Christ leaving behind a Christ-like example for future generations.
GEORGE MUELLER (1805-1898), evangelist and philanthropist in England, was a man of prayer and strong faith who depended wholly on God for his temporal and spiritual needs. As founder of several orphanages, he handled more than $8 million, although his own worldly possessions were valued at about $800 at his death.
Fabulous Find Trapped in Hitler's Hell
In this inspirational story Anita tells her tale of miraculously survival during the terror of Hitler’s reign when she was becoming a teen. First, her mother was picked up by the Gestapo and sent to a concentration camp–then Anita.















Well, that about wraps it up for today. I hope to have some more fabulous finds each Friday so be sure to check back. And as always, if you have not yet received my freebie of a free devotional ebook, just leave your name and email below or in the sidebar and I will send you one. Thanks so much!

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