Find something Fabulous on Fabulous Finds Friday Day

Fabulous Finds Friday

Are you looking for something fabulous this week?  You know, there is only one real fabulous find that is priceless!  It is a treasure that is better than silver or gold.  If you haven’t found it yet, then check here!  


Find something Fabulous on Fabulous Finds Friday Day

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This Week’s Fabulous Finds

Coupon Codes

It is always nice to find coupon codes for certain stores or for shipping etc.  I am trying out this extension which automatically finds a code for you and you don’t have to search for it.  So if you are still searching for your own coupon codes online? Then try this:  




Through July 25th, will be promoting a “DVD” web sale. Nearly 730 items will be featured with discounts up to 99% off of retail.

Summer DVD Fabulous Finds at Christian Book Distributors
My granchildren love to watch the Story Keepers so I’m hoping to grab this to put up for Christmas.
Fabulous Find The Christmas Story Keepers

Here are some of my favorite books

I’ve read the first two and I would like to read the others also.

First We Have Coffee: Life Lessons from Mama

First we have coffee is a great book with lots of humor and lessons along the way and it is a true story.  Hard times and the Great Depression force this family to make do with the VERY little they had.  Throughout it all, grace and a unwavering belief in God is maintained.

These are the experiences of Verda and Larry Peet as missionaries in Northern Thailand. Their adventures learning to accept her life as a missionary include great stories about cultural adjustments and daily frustrations of missionary life.

Other Books that have been recommended


Have you tried SPOTIFY

Head on over to Spotify and listen to you favorite music.  This has really been a fabulous find as I have found many albums by some of my favorite artists.


This little gadget below is called the ShotBox.  If you are a blogger or love to take pictures, this is a very helpful tool.  I like to have fun with mine.

fabulous find - Shotbox for better pictures


And last, but not least today, here is a great idea for your kids for Christmas, birthdays, or anytime.

Answers Book for Kids Complete Set

  • Answers to over 100 of kids’ most difficult questions!
  • $9.99 for 6 eBook Bundle ($48 print value)
  • Use code 6KIDS for savings. Expires 7/25/16.

Fabulous Find - Answers Book for Kids Complete Set Answers to over 100 of kids' most difficult questions!








Well, that about wraps it up for today. I hope to have some more Fabulous Finds each Friday so be sure to check back. And as always, if you have not yet received my freebie of a free devotional ebook, you can get it here for subscribing.