Faithfulness in the Ministry

I usually take my little flip video camera to church with me.  I was thankful that I had it yesterday.  The ensemble from Ambassador Baptist College was there and not only were they a blessing, but their director, Dr. Don Scovill,  was also a great blessing.  We were privileged to hear him sing Til the Storm passes by.  I feel so blessed to not only have him as our church song leader and choir director, but to know that my children were able to sit under and be trained under his ministry at Ambassador.  He has taught us so much about music and about faithfulness in serving the Lord.  He has been in the ministry since 1956 and full time since 1960  Wow!  That is over 50 years and he and his wife who faithfully backs him have not wavered.  My prayer is that my husband and I and my children will continue in the service of the Lord and follow a godly example like this, until the Lord sees fit to take us home to glory.  There is no greater joy than serving Him! 

On a side note:  Dr. Scovill is the one who gave the us the nine characteristics of a Christian’s Music, if you are interested in reading about it.

Rosa B.

Many years ago, Dr. Scovill came to our church and our church choir sang that song with him – what a blessed experience! I still think of that every time I hear this song – love it! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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