Exciting Truths from the Life of Noah-Hallelujah! They are for us too!

Four Exciting Applicable Truths From The Life Of Noah

The life of Noah is another exciting and intense story.  It is amazing that he could preach for 120 years and not one soul besides his family was willing to get into the ark.  But praise God for this one righteous man who was willing to stand for the truth no matter what.  

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1. But Noah Found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

I love the fact that grace is for all of us.  Grace is unmerited favor from God.

Oh how gracious and longsuffering God is!

He extends grace every day!

He saves us by His grace.

He allows us to come boldly to His throne of grace to find help in time of need.

2. Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations.

Noah was a saved man.  He was just.  Are you?

Yes, it is possible to live a righteous and godly life in the midst of a wicked generation.  Noah did and we can too!

3. And Noah walked with God

Walking with God ensures the grace of God upon my life.

Walking with the Lord daily and continually is so important

4. Thus did Noah according to all that God commanded him.

Noah didn’t pick and choose what he liked best.  He did all that God commanded him.

If we love Him, we’ll keep His commandments.  No, it isn’t a works salvation.  It’s a love salvation.  We love Him because He first loved us. (How about a Bible Verse Challenge on the Love of God HERE?)  This love for Him ought to drive us to keep all His words.

Right from the beginning God gives us examples of how to have favor with God.  The fact is ANYONE can find favor with God if he/she is born again.  And ANYONE can apply these truths to their life. 

Here’a another summary of the truths found in the life of Noah:

  • Noah found grace 
    • By grace we are saved
  • Because of grace – Noah was just.  He was saved.  He was perfect in the sight of God.  
    • By the grace of God I too am saved and declared just
  • Because Noah was  just – He walked with God.  He listened to His Word. He has fellowship with the Lord
    • Because I am saved, I can walk in close communion with the Lord every day. I can listen to His Word and pray without ceasing.
  • Because Noah walked with the Lord – He found favor with God
    • When I walk with the the Lord, I too find grace to help in my time of need
  • God’s grace upon Noah’s life caused Him to obey all the Lord’s commands even in this midst of a wicked generation
    • By God’s Grace, I too can live uprightly in the midst of our wicked world!

Have you been saved by the grace of God?  If so, are you walking daily with the Lord and going to the throne of grace in prayer?  Are you doing all that the Lord has commanded according to the Word of God?  What an important time to set an example before our children and grandchildren by living a righteous life before them and encouraging them to do the same in the midst of this wicked generation. 


Exciting Truths from the Life of Noah-Hallelujah! They are for all of us too!

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