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Crisis Proof Your Weight Loss During Troublesome Times

During these troublesome days are you having a hard time with stress and emotional eating?  Here is a great answer – Join many others in a course to crisis proof your weight loss.  CHECK IT OUT RIGHT HERE!

Have you found yourself overeating to handle the stress of the last few months?
You are not alone!  I am right there with you.  The weeks of “not normal” during this world pandemic, on top of our regular life stresses,  just don’t seem to be coming to an end.

Every day I find myself struggling to maintain control over my eating habits or to justify the way I eat as being valid during this troublesome time.  And then I find myself feeling beat down and guilty and uncomfortable.  Many times I just wish for more support and encouragement in handling my food struggles.

But guess what?  It’s not going away all by itself!

Lately, I have started taking this course and am finding it very helpful.  Why don’t you join in?  This is a great bargain and it is nice to know that many others are with you to help you make the right and healthy choices. 

The struggle is real and the temptations are big, but help is also available.

Check it out right now. Becky and Sara run this program called Faithful Finish Lines. They have each lost over 100 pounds (wow!) and maintained it for years.

Pick up your course now – Crisis-Proof Your Weight Loss 

In this workshop, Becky & Sara will guide you through this challenging time.

In Crisis-Proof Your Weight Loss, you will learn how to avoid weight gain and thrive in tough times.


Once enrolled, you have lifetime access. The course is self-guided so you can go at your own pace or come back to the lessons as often as needed.

I am looking forward to seeing you there.


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