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I don’t know many kids that don’t like to play Bingo.  I know all my grandchildren do.  And my Sunday School Children always loved it.  Often, I try to come up with a Bingo game that goes with the season.  This valentine game has been in my files for a while and I’ve used it with Sunday School Children so thought I would put it together to share. I also have a valentine match the couples game that you can check out here. 

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Now I know there are lots of Bingo Games out there.  You can go to Pinterest and find quite a variety.  The game I’m presenting is a Jesus Loves Me Game.  It is aimed to teach children to give thanks to God for the love He shows us in so many ways.  The pictures are just some of the ways that children and all of us can give thanks.

The game provides 8 different game boards along with matching pictures that the children can use for tokens. The calling cards are also included for the one calling out each item. The game is easy enough to let even the smallest children be able to play.  Enter the information below and get your free download.  

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