Recently I changed my Facebook page to the name “To All Generations”.   My purpose for this page is to share the Truths of God’s Word to my (our) children and grandchildren and on and on to each generation.  It is my hopes that others will take these Biblical Truths and share them near and far; this is what God intended for us to do.

Soon after I received an opportunity to read a book entitled “Generations Deep”.   The title caught my interest as I read that the author wanted to reveal that unhealthy patterns of behavior can repeat from one generation to the next.  The author, Gina Birkemeier is a licensed professional counselor, author and speaker who shares her own story with self helps and healing processes along the way for readers who may have similar stories.  She tells a story of bondage to freedom and of shame to self-compassion.  She wants her readers to realize that it is possible to come from shame to freedom for yourself and generations to come. 

Are you struggling with your own story?  Perhaps this book will be of help to you.  For myself, I found that in many ways I could identify with the author, having experienced some trauma in my own life as a child and into my teen years.  But on the other hand, I could not completely identify.  Why?  Gina was not raised in a Christian family, or a family who really cared and taught her the Truths of God.  I was.  Praise God!  So many do not have that privilege.  And though I did experience some trauma, I was blessed to have help in my early years.  I had people in my life who cared, and I believe it brought me through that trauma more quickly than many, who like Gina were not as fortunate. 


Gina did find hope.  It took many and traumatic years, but God was there, and others cared, brought her to Jesus, and she, in turn is using her story to help others. 

Do I recommend this book? 

I would say read it at your own discretion.  Personally, I think the author went into way too much detail on many points, details that could have been left out.  For instance, she tells exactly what happened while being molested.  I do not feel this is necessary.  People know what molestation is and do not need it described in detail.  In private, if she needed to talk about it with someone for her own healing process, then that is a different story.  I personally don’t see the point in describing every detail in written form. It is not helping one to capture their own negative thoughts and teach them to obey Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:5) I would not want someone to read this and suddenly have thoughts that they never had before or to rouse thoughts that have been now subdued, and thus sending temptation their way.  That’s why I say read it at your own discretion.  

“Generations Deep” has inspired me to write my own story.  It won’t be a whole book, but a possible blog post that will be coming soon.  I want others, especially my children and grandchildren to know, that the Lord loves, saves, keeps, and heals.  He is the healer of broken hearts, and He binds up the wounds.  He makes all things new and gives meaning to life. His Word is pure and can help us to live pure lives.  This needs to be passed from generation to generation.  

Generations Deep by Gina Birkemeier

356 pages, Paperback

Published March 25, 2021

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review. 

All opinions are my own.  Get the book on Amazon here.


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