Gifts for Dad

Are you looking for some gifts for dad this Father’s Day?  There is really not a one size fits all list, but  here is a list of several wonderful gift ideas that are a perfect fit for dads of all kinds.

Quick and Easy Gifts for Dad or the man in  your life

-Gift cards –  Easy peasy.  Everyone likes gift cards and any man would like one from Lowes, Harbor Freight, a restaurant, a favorite tool store, or even Amazon.  Best of all you can get one last minute and print it right from home.

-Do you have a man in your life that likes to read?  Once again you can get him a last minute gift by going to the Kindle store. Perhaps get a great biography, or a book on the civil war, or another history book.  You might find an idea here too.

-Ask your man ahead of time for a list of tools that he would like.  Is he self employed?  Buy him something related to his business.  My husband loves this tool bag.

-Do you love grilling out?  This always makes a great gift or you could try a smoker to go inside your grill.

-My husband runs his own business so there is always a need for desk and office supplies.  Because of the nature of his business he also uses a strong  cell phone case like this one.

-What man doesn’t love led lights or flashlights?

-It’s always a good idea to make him his favorite cake or pie.  My granddaughters love to make homemade goodies for their grandpa.

-One of my husband’s favorite gifts was a tie with the photos of his granddaughters on it.  He wore it often.  So why not pick up a photo gift such as a tie, mousepad, mug or just a great picture in a frame?

Action Cameras /dash cams – We’ve talked about getting one of these for quite some time now.  Maybe this will be the year. 

Dad or Grandpa shirt – My husband has received some super cute grandpa shirts over the years.  They too are some of his favorite things.  Why not get one customized just for him?

-Didn’t see anything in the list above?  Well, just go ahead a make a shopping trip below.  🙂